Dr. Mitch Keil | Keil Psych Group Has Partnered With Los Angeles SEO Company Bliss Drive

Dr. Mitch Keil | Keil Psych Group, a team of trained and experienced clinical psychologists from Newport Beach, has partnered with Los Angeles SEO company Bliss Drive to get the word out on their range of high-quality, individualized psychotherapy services.

Keil Psych Group offers treatments for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, couples issues, trauma, PTSD, and addiction serving adults, teens, and young adults. The practice says that its key strength lies in the honest, genuine, and compassionate service that it provides its clients. The goal of the practice is to help its clients understand more about themselves and their thought patterns, giving them the insight to bring about the change that they desperately need in their life. The clinic says that it aims to help clients break free from the self-imposed shackles that are holding them back from living fulfilling lives.

When asked about what makes his practice stand out, Dr. Keil says, “We want to help people get in touch with themselves on a deeper level. Mental health is complex. People have built-up layers upon layers of self-defense mechanisms that were undoubtedly forged by their circumstances throughout childhood and young adulthood. Though our personalities are hugely influenced by our past experiences, a lot of these emotions also, unknowingly, restrict the mind from being free and hinder personal and professional growth. Every day we talk to and get to understand clients who are victims of their own minds and are unable to see past the picture painted by the trauma of their own experiences. We want to bring awareness back to the equation and break the grasp that one’s intrusive thoughts have on one’s mind. We do so by listening to your deepest, most ingrained thoughts and desires and help you find your own answers to pull yourself out of the quagmire of your mental trappings.”

Dr. Keil goes on to talk about who should opt for psychotherapy by saying, “If you have spent thousands of dollars on self-help books, exotic diets, grueling exercise regiments, yoga classes, changed work to achieve work-life balance, productivity hacks, and all other well-intentioned avenues of self-growth but feel like you are always coming up short, then you should give psychotherapy a try. We are more than just good listeners, We will help you gain clarity by showing you the truth hidden underneath the conflicting thought patterns in your mind. You may not like the first few sessions and may even become very anxious. However, if you stick with it, you will be able to improve your lives to a great degree. If you are struggling with poor mental health and want to give psychotherapy a chance, the qualified and experienced clinical psychologists at Keil Psych Group are always here to help you out.” Readers can find out more about Dr. Mitch Keil by heading over to his website at https://www.drmitchkeil.com/.

The team at Keil Psych Group consists of Dr. Mitch Keil, PsyD Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Matthew Johnson, PsyD Clinical Psychologist, Whitney Fielder, LMFT, Licensed Marriage, and Family Therapist, and Dr. Norm Roach, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist. The clinic doesn’t rely on a blanketed approach and creates a unique therapy suited to each person that comes to them for help. The clinic also regularly and consistently collaborates its care with other healthcare providers in its clients’ networks such as psychiatrists, specialists, primary care docs, nutritionists, and coaches to ensure a holistic approach to its clients’ health.

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