Offers Business Directory Listings and More, a free classifieds and buy sell trade site for the Dothan, Alabama area, has integrated some important features into the website like classified ads, jobs listing, publishing and resume services, business directory listings. Basically, the website provides help to residents of Dothan, which is a city found in the Henry, Dale, and Houston counties in the state of Alabama. It is the principal city the in the Dothan metropolitan area, which had a combined population of 145,639 in 2010. Dothan is the primary commercial and transportation hub for a significant portion of southeastern Alabama, southwest Georgia, and nearby parts of the Florida Panhandle. Those who want to know more about can check out their Facebook page at is basically a personal classified ads website that Dothan residents can benefit from. For instance, those who require a job can check out their job listings. The person looking for employment can filter the search for certain types of jobs, such as freelance, full-time, internship, part-time, or temporary. And the job searcher can also specify the location and the radius, such as 1 mile, 5 miles, 10 miles, or more.

For freelancers who are just looking to make a few dollars around town, they can head to the Freelance Task Workers section of the site. Freelancers can create a free account and get their freelance business listed in this section. Those who are very good at doing certain tasks and are willing to help people in Dothan can list their freelance service and specify the amount that they are willing to get paid for their services. Dothan residents who need to have a particular task done can search this section for the appropriate freelance service that they can hire. They can find various freelance services for the home or business that are focused on Dothan and nearby areas.

Those who require full-time workers can use the Hire & Search Jobs section of Businesses can create a job listing and indicate whether the job is part-time, full-time, or some other type and also put in a description of the job and the offered salary. Those who are looking for full-time, part-time, and other types and jobs can use the Hire & Search Jobs section and browse the job listings. The job searcher can narrow down the search by indicating the job type and the salary range.

Businesses may also be interested in the business directory listings where than get a free listing or a premium listing. Getting their business included in local business directories like this is vital for a business and offers several benefits. This allows the creation of backlinks that are important for the business to rank higher in the Google search engine. Being included in local listings can also boost the traffic to the business website. And it can also increase a company’s visibility in the industry. When getting listed in a local business directory, it is important to have the business hours, location, contact information, and other vital information in the listing including photos or other links. Getting included in local business listings is one the important SEO strategies that can really boost a business’ bottom line.

People who need the services of a particular type of business can search the business directory listings. And businesses who want to have their company included in the listings will need to create an account.

Business directory listings are the online version of the Yellow Pages, and the various entries will often include a link to the company’s website. Thus, the business directory can be helpful for people who are looking for certain companies, businesses in a particular industry, products or services in their area in a more targeted manner. Meanwhile, from the point of view of SEO, an entry in a business directory is essential because it makes the website of a company easier to find and adds a backlink to the website.

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