Don’t Be Fooled Podcast Hosts Amy Harrill And Shane McKenzie Show Business Owners How To Leverage Social Media For Real ROI’s And Impact

Don’t Be Fooled podcast hosts Amy Harrill & Shane McKenzie reveal that profitable owners are making decisions using only one of the 6 valuable key performance indicators in their latest episode available on major podcast platforms. Their belief is that scaling with technology has to be deliberately targeted and measured. They believe this episode’s business myth is killing business profits and they want to give business owners an alternative simple system that sustains profits, scales impact, and gives them their lives back.

Shane McKenzie shared, “There was a point in my journey as an owner where my emotions were dictating my value. If someone liked my posts, commented on something I had written, or hired me, I was on top of the world! If they didn’t, my feeling was in the gutter. If I went too long without getting some type of positive reaction from a prospect or client, I would get nervous and question whether or not I was good enough to even be a coach. It was a roller coaster ride!”


Amy Harrill believes we are living in a digital era where the most influential force for engaging with prospects and increasing brand awareness is social media. However, she also understands engagements (or likes and comments) do not pay the bills. According to Harrill, proven strategies and conversions from those engagements into paying customers are what get the job done.

Amy Harrill shared, “I’ve found there are only two types of owners using digital advertising: profitable owners and popular owners. The profitable owners in this entrepreneurial game are making the decision to select social media platforms for marketing using the key performance indicator of time efficiency.”

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The Don’t Be Fooled podcast is hosted by Amy Harrill & Shane McKenzie. Their belief is that it is unacceptable to scale without technology that is deliberately targeted and measured. Every week on their podcast, they bust business myths that are killing business profits, while re-igniting the flame in owners with a simple system that sustains profits, scales impact, and gives them their lives back.


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