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Pet owners looking for earth friendly solutions to their pet care needs will be excited to hear that Pogi’s Pet Supplies is now selling compostable dog poop disposal bags. The recently announced product is completely free from petroleum based plastics, instead being made entirely of plant materials and certified to compost completely in both industrial aerobic composting systems and individual backyard compost piles. Dog walkers and others who want to put their environmentally focused values into action by cleaning up after their dogs with compostable dog poop bags, and rest assured that they are not contributing to the piles of plastic bags full of dog poop that will linger in landfills around the world for centuries to come. Compostable dog poop bags are available at Pogi’s Pet Supplies online store,

Pogi’s Compostable Dog Poop Bags are certified compostable by a number of agencies that deal in the testing and certification of compostable consumer goods. It has the NF T 51-800 certification from DIN CERTO, which guarantees that products will decompose completely in a home compost system. The bags are also certified under the Australian standard AS 5810 2010, which requires that, within a period of a year, 90% of the plastic materials disintegrate into less than 2mm pieces. The Australian standard also requires that the material pose no toxic risks to compost, plants, and earthworms that come in contact with the soil, and that the materials be made up of more than 50% organic material. The bags have also been certified compostable by the European standards on compostable materials, and the United States based standards ASTM D6400 and ASTM 6868. Pogi’s Pet Supplies has even had their compostable dog poop bags certified for commercial and backyard composting by the Biodegradable Products Institute, which promotes composting and certifies products as compostable around the world.

Compostable Dog Poop Bags With Handles

As previously announced, while the dog poop bags sold by Pogi’s are completely compostable, dog poop itself is not always compatible with composting systems. Home and backyard compost piles rarely have systems in place to protect against the kinds of pathogens often found in fecal matter, as well as raw or spoiled meat and dairy products. For this reason, putting materials like poop, meat scraps, or animal bones into a compost pile in the backyard can lead to the spread of dangerous illnesses, and potentially attract other unwanted critters. Industrial compost, on the other hand, is designed to optimize the productivity of the aerobic microbes that do the work of decomposition. These microbes generate heat when they’re doing their work. Backyard compost piles don’t get especially warm, though sometimes they steam if they’re stirred when the air is especially cold. The high volumes and large facilities of municipal and industrial composting systems tend to produce enough heat to kill any unwanted pathogens, which is why most cities can take meat scraps and the like with their compost programs. That said, not all cities accept animal waste for municipal composting, so customers are advised to check with the specific regulations in their area before composting their dog poop in the poop bags from Pogi’s Pet Supplies. Regardless of how they end up disposing of the bags, making the choice to reduce plastic in cleaning up after a pet is making a choice that helps the environment.

Pogi’s Pet Supplies was inspired by the founders’ French Bulldog named Pogi. Pogi enjoys long walks around the block, playing at his local dog park, and rolling around in the grass. His people wanted to care for him in ways that were good for their dog but also reflected their earth-friendly values, so they began to source and sell high-quality, sustainably-minded products. In addition to compostable dog poop bags, Pogi’s Pet Supplies sells eco-friendly training pads and grooming wipes that are good for pets and the planet, perfect for freshening up a playful puppy who has been rolling around in a soft patch of grass.


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