Dog Leggings Seller Reaches Out To Customers Through New Website

New York, NY based Walkee Paws is pleased to announce the launch of their new website, which gives customers immediate access to the world's first leggings for dogs. These leggings offer a variety of advantages to the NY dog owner and come highly recommended by leading vets.

Through the new website, pet owners can browse the company’s entire catalog of outdoor and indoor leggings, liner socks, coats, leashes and harnesses and much more. Gift cards can be purchased here as well, making it easy for friends and relatives of dog owners to get a gift that always suits the pet in question. Walkee Dogs further considers their leggings the better alternative to dog boots, and their website offers a host of resources that explains exactly why they believe this so strongly.

While dog boots are quite popular among owners, these accessories often come with certain drawbacks that make them impractical for regular use. For instance, pets cannot be made responsible for their boots (at least without time invested in training, which many owners either do not have or do not find affordable), so they remain quite easy to lose, especially on outdoor excursions. Add to this the fact that each dog needs four individual boots for a complete set, and owners will swiftly learn that it only takes the loss of one to make the entire set much less usable.

Any owner will also know how difficult it can be to get a boot on a dog even when they are docile, and more excitable pets are liable to tear the boots off as soon as they are put on. The latter of these indicates that dogs may even find boots more uncomfortable since their shape may interfere with a stride (and dogs cannot adjust the boots themselves or communicate with their owner to make the boot fit more snugly). They also work better for certain breeds than others, such as smaller dogs that benefit from the added insulation during the cold season.

The answer, according to Walkee Paws, is a more all-in-one solution that combines comfort with practical advantages: dog leggings. Their leggings are manufactured from the coziest 4-way stretch fabric and are designed to slip on over a dog’s back, immediately making it impossible for them to lose a single legging by mere accident. An improper fit is no longer a concern either, since the leggings can be slipped on to fit around the paws’ natural shape instead of coming in a preset structure that is more likely to fall off. This has the added bonus of being more comfortable for the dog — and in turn makes them less likely to want to pull it off with their teeth.

Numerous customer testimonials attest to how useful these leggings are, especially when compared to conventional booties. As with any product, the truth of how well a design works in the real world is more evident in how customers react to it after trying it out. Walkee Paws received a great deal of positive feedback for their initial implementation, and it was after receiving a rush of customer requests that they expanded their line to include indoor leggings as well.

“Thank you for inventing such a great product,” says a review from Courtney that has been proudly featured on the Walkee Boots website. She adds, “after trying numerous booties, Walkee Paws have been the only ones to stay on and keep Mayzy’s paws clean and dry during an especially rainy season in Los Angeles.”

An excerpt from another review from Austin shares, “We have two 1-year-old yorkiepoos, and these little babies sure know how to shake off any and all booties — except these. They are 10lbs, and we ended up needing a Small. So worth it! Since they are inside with us, we always needed something to keep their feet dry and clean in the rainy/snowy weather, and these fit perfectly as is or under their onesies and winter coats. No need to get the pups in the sink for a bath, just slide off the leggings and they are ready to snuggle on the couch.” More reviews can be found on the company’s website as well as other platforms.

Dog owners are welcome to reach out to Walkee Paws directly in order to learn more about their products. They may also start looking for the dog leggings they want today by browsing the company’s new website. Find Walkee Paws online here:


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