Doctor Gets A Rare First Patent On Male Penile Girth Procedure

Dallas, TX - Advanced Skin Fitness Medical Spa (ASF), a noted Texas clinic who has long been in the business of making people look better, get slimmer, and reduce the effects aging is getting frisky with a new brand that will be solely and entirely focused on male enhancement. ASF has begun working with a noted Urologist who has recently had the singular (and very rare) distinction of being awarded a medical patent on penile enhancement.

The new offshoot of the clinic will be called, “The UroFill Clinic”. The UroFill Clinic aims to be the region’s first to offer the clinical male girth enhancement procedure which also promises to be semi-permanent lasting 2 years or more for most patients.

The new “UroFill™“ treatment has been shown to add an average of 1 ½ inches of penile girth depending on the patient’s physiology and number of units administered according to the originator, Dr. Perito.

According to The UroFill Clinic, after an initial medical consultation with a doctor, patients will undergo a series of quick and (mostly) painless injections of a special dermal filler. While the idea of a needle getting anywhere near their manhood might make some men shrink away (pun intended), so far, first adopters of the procedure have nothing but good things to say. “They numb you so you don’t feel much and it’s over so fast,” said one patient.

Dr. Perito, a Miami-based Urologist developed and patented the procedure after almost a decade of work and trials in the United States and Europe. According to a spokesperson for Dr. Perito’s urology clinic, UroFill distinctly stands apart from other approaches to girth enhancement “practices” which have been attempted by esthetic practitioners and plastic surgeons in the past which generally yield uneven, unpredictable, results paired with unsafe approaches. They further note that over the past 8 years of development, the UroFill team have been able to refine the process such that over 90% of patients participating in trials report that the girth enhancement has lasted 2 years.

One of the first patients of The UroFill Clinic while (understandably) asking to remain anonymous, had this to say about his treatment:

“The procedure from start to finish might have been 30 mins.The pain was not what you would expect [while being] injected with all these syringes. He starts off with very small insulin syringes of lidocaine to start numbing each injection spot then does another round of lidocaine that I would say is ever so slightly painful but it’s for a split second. By the time he starts to inject the actual filler you don’t feel anything. The most uncomfortable part is when he smooths out the filler. You get instant results more so the first day of course bc of swelling but you will walk out of there very very happy. Recovery time would be that you can’t JO or abruptly rub it I guess would be a better term for 3 days. It honestly wasn’t even sore but just a little but the first day after the numbing where’s off. As expected you’ll have some bruising that was about 4-5 days. It feels natural and doesn't feel like anything has even been injected in it. And yes it looks very natural. Mine is completely even from base to tip. No bumps, lumps anything. Once your bruising is gone and someone sees it they wouldn’t have a clue that you had anything done to it, unless of course the year seen it before and will notice you’re thicker which is the goal. The results from my first session were so good I was counting down the days for the 3 week mark to get another round. “

Currently, The UroFill Clinic is only in Dallas, under the roof of Advanced Skin Fitness. But those interested can also travel to Miami to receive the same treatment at Dr. Perito’s urology clinic. Given that the procedure is the only patented and clinically proven one to produce semi-permanent results, likely we’ll start seeing more areas in which you can get the procedure soon.

Although long-time patients of Advanced Skin Clinic in Dallas have been receiving preliminary UroFill treatments during 2020, their spin off brand, The UroFill Clinic, has just started publicly advertising and officially accepting girth enhancement patients this week. Although not considered cheap (treatments range from $1,500 to $5,800), the clinic states that initial interest has been strong. They state that much of the initial interest came from men who already had experience and disappointed with some of the options already available to men and were excited to get on board with a procedure that had actually been proven and patented. Add to that, the prospect of getting 1 to 2 inches of thickness added that lasts a couple of years and the public may see many guys flocking to Dallas to try out the new treatment.


For more information about The UroFill Clinic, contact the company here:

The UroFill Clinic
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