Do It Dailey Media Offers Drone Videography In Austin, TX

Local Business Watch is pleased to announce that there is a new drone videography service in Austin, Texas. Do It Dailey Media, run by proprietor Matt Dailey, provides a host of drone videography services on top of regular photography and videography. More information about Do It Dailey Media and all the services they provide can be found at the following link:

Dailey says, “While regular photography and videography certainly have their place, there is no doubt that in recent times, drone videography has taken off in popularity, and for good reason. Using a drone, you are able to capture stunning high-quality footage of any and all of your important events from angles that were previously impossible. Having such footage makes you stand out from the crowd, gives your events a novel flavor, and offers you a truly memorable keepsake — so it’s not surprising that many people now choose to hire a drone videographer.”

He continues, “This is why I’ve started Do It Dailey Media in Austin, and I'm very excited to begin this flight down a new path. The horizon looks bright regarding the demand for the drone video service we deliver, and we hope to make you happy.”

Do It Dailey Media also shared the benefits of using drone videography over more traditional methods. The most important benefit, according to the company, is the fact that using a drone enables two types of shots that are actually impossible to do with standard videography practices. The first of these are aerial shots which, prior to the widespread use of commercial drones, could only be achieved by hiring a helicopter and a licensed pilot and actually shooting the whole event from the sky. This method involved logging flight plans, getting permits — and when put together — was quite expensive. It was just not feasible for many people. However, with drones, aerial shots can be accomplished much more easily. Now, these spectacular shots cost less, are of a higher tier quality, and can be done without interrupting the event in any way.

The other kind of shots one can accomplish with drones that could not be done before are motion shots, which are quite important for events that have a lot of movement and fast action, like sporting events. Having a drone allows for closer shots without actually getting in the way of the action, and the drone’s high maneuverability means it can keep up with the players and capture dynamic footage. Traditional photography will neither allow for such close up shots or such dynamic shots.

Local Business Watch is dedicated to offering coverage to businesses that deserve it and has previously highlighted the services of a commercial photographer — B Turner Photography, which has been doing a lot of work with both small businesses and large ones in Austin and the surrounding areas. With a recent investment in better equipment to do product photography and video from home, the company is proud to say that they are able to continue to offer the same high-quality photography and video that normally would be done on location.

The services of a website like Local Business Watch is more critical than ever in the age of COVID-19 where small businesses need all the help and coverage that they can get. Local Business Watch provides all kinds of businesses from across the United States a platform that they can use to raise awareness of their offerings. A large number of small business owners lack the marketing expertise needed to make their brand stand out in the eyes of their customers and clients, and Local Business Watch is dedicated to ensuring that they all get the coverage that they deserve.

More information about Do It Dailey Media and their range of drone videography services, and many other videography services, can be found on their website or the Local Business Watch page. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with them directly via email or phone. The company can also be reached through the contact form on their website. Do It Dailey Media maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media, and communicate with their customers. Those who want to learn more about similar businesses in Austin TX can visit Local Business Watch, which has previously covered a number of other local businesses.


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