DML Locksmith Presents 10 Reasons for the Need to Upgrade Home to Smart Locks

DML Locksmith, a company based in Plano, TX, has recently published a blog post explaining 10 reasons why people should upgrade their home to smart locks. The article points out that the use of smart technology can help in protecting the home and family from burglars and other criminals. This is important because burglaries occur every 22 seconds in the United States. While burglary rates have been on the downtrend over the past few years, it is not wise to be lax when it comes to the security of the home. The mentioned article can be accessed at

David Elhadad, owner of DML Locksmith, says, “With smart home technology like smart locks and security cameras, homes are more secure now than ever. The need to secure your home is important and thankfully, making your home secure can be simple with smart technology like smart locks. Whether you are experienced in smart home technology or have just getting started, smart locks are a great way to add sophistication and functionality to your home.”


First of all, smart locks look great and will not just boost the home’s security but also its resale value. In the event that the homeowner plans to sell the home, there could be more potential buyers when they find out that it is fitted with smart locks.

Second, there are various kinds of smart lock systems to choose from. There are smart locks that simply look like traditional door locks and those that appear ultra-modern, and many others in between. There are also various types of smart locks, such as the: biometric door locks, which require a fingerprint scan; key fob door locks, which open once the key fob is in the immediate vicinity; smartphone door locks, which are managed through a smartphone; and surveillance door locks, which take pictures of all users.

Third, smart locks can provide added security and safety. The smart lock can be programmed for presence detection, recognition of certain people to allow them access to the home, and the possible use of e-keys, where a specified code can be set and then erased after use.

Fourth, it is still possible to use regular keys. Certain smart lock systems allow the use of regular keys. DML Locksmith, which can offer installation services for smart lock systems, can be followed on Facebook at

Fifth, a smart lock system may offer accessibility features for people with disabilities, including the elderly. It will offer ease of entry for those who have problems with grip or their ability to use their hands, arms, wrists, or fingers.

Sixth, remote access to the smart lock is possible. It is possible to lock or unlock the home from anywhere through the use of the smartphone. This allows homeowners to enjoy their vacation without being worried that the home has been left unlocked. They can check the status of their smart lock system through their mobile device at anytime and anywhere.

Seventh, a smart lock system offers multiple access points. It can be controlled by a smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet. It may even be controlled by virtual assistants, such as Alexa or Google.

Eighth, homeowners will never have the problem of losing their keys again. The smart lock system does not need a house key to be opened although it is still possible to have regular keys to open or lock the system.

Ninth, smart locks can be integrated into the smart home system. A smart home can be readily controlled from anywhere and by an automated system. This includes control of the lights, HVAC system, television, appliances, and the smart lock system.

Tenth, smart locks are an affordable investment for the home, convenience, and security. And they can help sell the home when the time comes to move to another home.

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