Divorce Lawyer in Pensacola, FL Explains that Many Separated Parents are Attempting to Break Their Co-Parenting Agreement Due to COVID-19

divorce lawyer in Pensacola, FL

Pensacola, Fla. – An expert divorce lawyer in Pensacola, FL provides assistance with child support and custody issues. With COVID-19 affecting individuals in a myriad of different areas of life, divorced parenting is no exception. Child custody issues have been especially prevalent as many parents have found reasons to believe that their current custody arrangement is not sufficient in the midst of the pandemic.

Most of these cases seem to be structured in a way where one parent tries to forbid their child from visiting the other parent in the name of COVID-19. They claim that visiting the other parent would cause the child to be at an increased risk of contracting the virus. In one particular case, a mother and father share custody of a child, but the mother attempts to keep the child away from the father. She said that the father was not taking the pandemic seriously, given that he had been taking their child to his office even after the government suggested that everyone stay quarantined at home.

The mother said that the father was often having a housekeeper and nanny in and out of his home, and he chose not to work from home. He claimed that his profession as a dermatologist was deemed essential. However, the mother claimed this to be untrue. She had a problem with her child residing in the father’s office because there is no way of knowing where the clients and staff have been. The father, on the other hand, believes that the mother should not be able to use COVID-19 to stop him from fulfilling his end of their joint custody agreement. He claimed that his office staff and himself had been doing everything possible to make sure they remain safe, and therefore, it was unfair and devastating for the mother to keep his child away from him.

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