Diva Lab Launches New Sales Training Course for Women

Diva Lab has recently launched the all new Diva Sales Mastery course, which has been designed to help businesswomen and women entrepreneurs attract their dream clients and boost their sales skills in six weeks. Company founder Deb Wise created this course for the female business owner who is experiencing difficulties in getting clients. The idea is to attract clients instead of going around chasing them, which will substantially decrease the amount of work needed to get clients.

Deb Wise herself says, “In this sales mastery course, we’re teaching the real law of attraction. And it feels like this: Loving every aspect of your highly personalized brand! Marketing to your exact perfect fit client who adores you! Creating content that makes you proud to push send! Attracting the clients that truly appreciate your amazing work! Breathing in more and more confidence with each dollar hitting your bank account!”

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Deb Wise wants to stress that confidence is the key in this sales mastery. Thus, there is a need to break down their limiting beliefs to free themselves from all of their doubt and insecurity. With a support system provided by other successful women, those who want to increase their sales will be able to develop more confidence in themselves in every area of their life, including sales.

The Diva Sales Mastery program is composed of five modules. Module 1 is called “Mastering Your Mindset,” which is about the course students taking control of their thoughts and honoring how they feel at a particular moment. The purpose of this module is for the participants to be able to overcome those limiting beliefs that have been holding them back from attaining their real potential and growing into a successful woman.

Module 2 is titled “Finding Your Audience,” which is about utilizing a target audience blueprint to discover who is the dream client of the course participants. The key is to find what the dream clients consider to be valuable, their limiting beliefs, and how the course participants would be able to them overcome those beliefs.

Module 3 is called “Attracting Your Dream Clients,” which teaches course participants how to develop a message for their dream client and develop content that will make people regarded them as an authority in their field. Systems will be put in place by Diva Lab in order to allow clients to come directly to the businesswomen or female entrepreneurs without having to make cold calls, thus saving a lot of time and money.

Module 4 is “Selling with Confidence,” which is about closing the sale easily because potential clients already like and trust the businesswoman. And when mindset exercises and proven techniques are introduced into the mixture, the participants will finally be able to establish the lifestyle of abundance that they have been dreaming of.

Module 5 is about “Business Growth Hacks,” which has been designed to help course participants deal with the sudden growth of their sales and business. Deb Wise has developed systems and processes to help businesswomen eliminate those growing pains. She will walk the course participants through the techniques that she used to get through each day while her list of sales calls and project case load kept on growing.

Included in the Diva Sales Mastery course, aside from the five modules, are five bonuses. These are LinkedIn Leads on Demand, Zoom Mini Course, Hubspot Bootcamp, Small Group Coaching Calls, and the VIP 1v1 Coaching Call.

The LinkedIn Leads on Demand mini course will focus on how to optimize the LinkedIn profile and increase connections as a way to boost reach and produce sales directly from LinkedIn. The Zoom Mini Course teaches how participants how to look and feel like a real professional while on a Zoom call. The Hubspot Bootcamp teaches participants how to stay organized, remain confident, and save time when talking to new prospects.

Businesswomen and female entrepreneurs who would like to boost their sales may want to check out the Diva Lab website or join the Diva Lab Facebook Group.


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