Diva Lab Announces Free Sales Training Workshop for Women

Diva Lab is offering a free workshop where company founder Deb Wise will be showing attendees how to master their mindset, double their prices, and confidently sell their services. The event will be held on October 8 at 12:00pm PST and is intended for female business owners and entrepreneurs who want to sell their products or services to their dream clients.

Deb Wise herself says, “Diva Sales Mastery is a proven step by step system to attract and sell to your dream client. I’m talking about making the leads come to you. No more cold emails or cold calling. No more spamming on Facebook Messenger. No sleazy sales scripts that make you feel like you’re pretending to be someone else. This is not just another sales course! This is a full system of client attraction secrets, self improvement and sales mastery. You’ll have full access to a community of other amazing women, content strategies that win, business growth hacks, and sales techniques that close high ticket sales.”

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Deb Wise believes that women can become effective business owners because statistics show that women currently own approximately 40 percent off business enterprises in the US. There is a large potential for women in becoming successful entrepreneurs because women are generally more emotionally intelligent. Thus, they are better in interpreting emotional situations and in detecting body language and expressions. This means that women have the tendency to be more caring in their relationships, which may prove to be beneficial for the future goals of the business.

Deb Wise believes that women can be successful as entrepreneurs because women are not afraid to take risks. In a certain study, it was found that 87 percent of women considered themselves to be financial risk takers, which is higher than the 73 percent in men. It was also observed that 80 percent of women are likely to be able to find opportunities in situations where other people only see the risk. Only 67 percent of men saw these opportunities.

The free workshop to be held on October 8 by Deb Wise is known as “The Fearless Formula - Sales Mindset Mastery Workshop.” She believes that it is vital for a female business owner to master her mindset and take control of her thoughts to be able to overcome limiting beliefs that tend to hold them back from attaining their real potential.

Another important task for the female business owner or entrepreneur is to identify their target client or dream client. The goal is to find out what these clients’ value, their limiting beliefs, and how the business owner may be able to help them overcome them. And once these dream clients have been identified there is the need to attract them by sending messages and creating content that puts the female entrepreneur in the position of authority. This will require the use of systems that will save the entrepreneur time and money by letting the clients come to the business, instead of have to reach out to them through cold calls.

There is also the need to sell to the target clients with confidence. This can easily be done when these people are already familiar with the seller and have their trust. It is much easier to close the sale when the clients already trust the seller. Deb Wise is knowledgeable on various proven methods and mindset exercises that are designed to project the energy of who the seller really is. This will enable the female business owners to create the lifestyle of abundance they have been dreaming of.

And when the business is growing, it is also important for the female business owners to be ready for it. Significant business growth may be overwhelming. That is why there is a need for systems and processes that will eliminate those growing pains.

Female business owners who are interested in improving their sales and growing their business may want to visit the Diva Lab website or join the Diva Lab Facebook Group.


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