Distribution Systems International Forms New Partnership with Bliss Drive

Lake Forest, California -

Distribution Systems International (DSI), a healthcare storage company in Lake Forest, CA, is pleased to announce their new partnership with Bliss Drive, which is a popular digital marketing agency that is the number one rated SEO company in Google and Yelp. DSI is focused on offering lean inventory storage systems for healthcare facilities nationwide to help boost employee productivity, reduce labor cost, and enhance bottom line savings. Some of these storage systems include their high density supply carts, specialized sterile instrument storage, Triton Case Carts™, wire shelving, medical carts, plastic storage bins, and more.

The No-Tear™ system was designed for storage and handling of sterile instrument sets in rigid containers and blue wrap trays. This system was developed with patient care and employee safety in mind, combining a set of highly efficient storage equipment with a leaned out process within the central sterile (CS)/ sterile processing department (SPD) processing cycle. The intent of the system is that once the instrument tray has been prepared, packed in a blue wrap, and placed in the stainless steel wire mesh basket, the blue wrap is never touched again until the operating room. DSI’s group of No-Tear™ storage systems include the Triton Case Carts, Triton Transport Carts, and their high density MODU-MAX CTS storage systems, which all include a specialized shelf location designed to fit each tray on its own to avoid stacking and other handling risks. The benefits of the No-Tear™ system include: valuable space savings; seamless workflow; elimination of the need for reprocessed instrument sets; faster retrieval; adjustable storage heights; improved visual indicators for labeling contents; reduction of need to handle trays, thus improving productivity; and more.

The TRITON CASE CARTS™ have been designed for transformation. The modular storage system that is within the cart interior can help the user custom configure the shelves depending on the height and width of the surgical instruments that are stored in both blue wraps and rigid containers. These carts are suitable for the No-Tear™ storage system.

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DSI, which was founded in 1990, offers lean inventory storage systems for healthcare facilities across the US. DSI’s mission is simple. To serve those who serve others in the field of healthcare. Their consultative services, project planning, and specialized storage equipment for SPD’s, OR’s, and a hospital’s Supply Chain are the key focus for their group. Their products and services are all designed to help reduce inventory and labor costs in hospitals and surgery centers, which provides a very compelling value proposition for their customers. The company is simply focused on offering the most efficient, top quality storage equipment for healthcare facilities.

Those who would like to get more information about the innovative heatlhcare storage products and services offered by DSI can visit their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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