Discovery Transitions Outpatient Offers Full Range of Outpatient Treatment Services in Los Angeles

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Discovery Transitions Outpatient, a drug rehab center in Van Nuys, CA, is happy to announce their full range of outpatient treatment services in Los Angeles, including medication assisted treatment programming and assistance from addiction interventionists. The staff of Discovery Transitions consider their offerings to be unmatched and they would like to emphasize their intensive outpatient therapy that is designed to help their clients “bridge the gap” and find the necessary structure outside of their residence.

Intensive outpatient therapy (IOP) is a major treatment program that has been optimized for individuals struggling with an addiction or alcoholism who need recovery and whose substance dependency is not that severe that they require medically supervised detox. The Discovery Transitions IOP has been set up to ensure optimum effectiveness while the client is allowed to continue to live at home or in a sober living facility. The core of IOP is made up of individual counseling sessions and group therapy sessions. Addiction treatment specialists are in charge of all the sessions and IOP has also been noted to be suitable for patients who have completed inpatient treatment and for those who are looking for a fresh start on the road to recovery.

The exterior of Discovery Transitions Outpatient in Los Angeles with the promise of world class addiction treatment within

Discovery Transitions IOP therapy is made up of several approaches, which when combined promote a fundamental and powerful change in the individual suffering from an addiction. With IOP therapy, the providing deep insight into a number of topics, such as: the brain chemistry of addiction; relapse prevention; the progression of addiction and alcoholism and how they will only continue to get worse without help; spirituality; introduction to 12-step work; post-acute withdrawal syndrome; and family education.

A spokesperson for Discovery Transitions Outpatient says, “The primary purpose of intensive outpatient treatment is to prepare you for life on a new basis, free from mind-altering substances, with the requisite life skills and ability to cope, as well as a spiritual basis for living. Our intensive outpatient program for substance abuse is therefore designed to be more strenuous in the beginning, when you are most vulnerable and possibly still reeling from your experience as a persons struggling with an addiction. Similarly, for those who are struggling with alcoholism, our intensive outpatient program for alcohol is designed to gradually cultivate independence on a new basis in recovery.”

Meanwhile, a dual diagnosis, which means the patient is suffering both from addiction and mental illness, presents a challenge for both mental health and addiction professionals. For one, dual diagnosis patients experience more difficulty in staying sober and focusing on their various treatments, and have a higher tendency to relapse. When in need of dual diagnosis treatment Los Angeles patients can take a look at the dual diagnosis treatment programs offered by Discovery Transitions Outpatient.

Discovery’s dual diagnosis outpatient treatment program was developed for patients with manageable co-occurring disorders. This means that the individual struggling with an addiction has not yet reached rock bottom, not in legal trouble, not in poor or failing health, and has a solid family relationship. Dual diagnosis inpatient treatment is also offered, which employs the same lessons and techniques used in the outpatient program. The difference is that patients are provided with 24/7 care and they live in the treatment facility. Inpatient treatment is designed to allow the patients to stay away from their daily life and their usual social environment and get more hands-on treatment and monitoring.

Discovery Transitions Outpatient was established as an outpatient treatment center for men and women are struggling with alcoholism and/or drug addiction. They have developed a highly structured treatment program where they provide a continuum of care for those who are on the road to recovery, have completed residential treatment, and simply require continuing immersion and support for the recovery process. They also provide relapse prevention therapy to clients as part of their commitment to helping them achieve total recovery.

Those who are interested in the Discovery Transitions Outpatient treatment services can check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, at any day of the week.


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