Dillon's Heating And Cooling Discusses The Benefits Of Getting A Maintenance Agreement On Your HVAC System

Kansas City-based HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance contractor, Dillon’s Heating and Cooling, has released a blog post discussing the signs that an HVAC heating system might need repairs or replacement. The blog post can be read in its entirety at https://www.dillonsheatingandcooling.com/post/signs-you-need-a-new-hvac-heating-system-installed.

During the cold wintertime, it is a natural reaction to reach for the thermostat and crank it up to make the home reach a comfortable temperature. However, since the system may not have been used all through the rest of the year, there are chances that it may need some maintenance and may not be performing to the maximum capacity. A sure sign that the HVAC system is not working properly is when the homeowner turns up the thermostat and it takes too long for the house to warm up or it does not warm up at all.


The most common culprit, according to the blog post, is dirty components. Whether caused by long stretches of remaining dormant or negligence, the first line of action should be to check whether the heating system is clean. Dirty air filters will limit airflow and cause the HVAC system to work harder to push air through the filters. The dirt will not only block the air and cause damage but will also cause the air quality in the home to drop significantly. The blog post recommends that air filters should be changed every three months to ensure safety and excellent air quality.

The next obvious suspect is the blower motor. Since the blower does the heavy lifting of pushing air through the home’s system, it is the first place where dust and debris will settle. This buildup of dust, if left unchecked, can lead to expensive repairs further down the line. A dirty blower motor will also cause the heat exchanger to heat up beyond regular limits, amplify wear and tear, and lead to complete motor failure. Next on the list of potential problems is a dirty flame sensor which can get covered in a thick layer of grime. It can lead to the system not being able to light the burners to heat the home. Readers can read more informative blog posts about the problems that can affect an HVAC system by heading over to https://www.dillonsheatingandcooling.com/.

The article goes on to list the reasons that would necessitate the homeowner or business owner to replace the HVAC system. A dead blower capacitor will lead to the blower fan completely shutting down. Airflow in the system will completely stop and there will be no way to repair the system without replacing it. An improperly configured furnace can burn through a lot of fuel. It can lead to higher energy bills and can also cause it to shut off frequently. If the refrigerant levels are too low, the heat strips will turn on more frequently than necessary leading to higher energy bills. Replacing refrigerants is a simpler and cheaper fix than replacing the entire compressor. The draft inducer that helps eliminate excess fuel in the heat exchanger can burn out if it is malfunctioning and may require periodic cleaning. If the ductwork was installed incorrectly, the heating system can become inefficient. Finally, a dead heat pump can stop a blower from starting and prevent the system from generating heat.

The article concludes by saying that there can be many reasons for an inefficient or nonoptimal heating system. It recommends hiring technicians who are experts in their field and have the experience to foresee potential problems during inspections. Dillon’s Heating and Cooling recommends a maintenance contract to schedule regular checks to ensure that the HVAC system is always performing to its fullest capability.

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