Digital Twin Technology Recommended For Business Optimization

San Diego, CA based vScenario is calling on the business community to investigate how Digital Twin Technology can help them achieve the success they are looking for. Given that this subject is the company’s area of expertise, they invite all interested parties to reach out today for more information. The advantages, they claim, are numerous, and businesses are depriving themselves of a lot of crucial insight by not capitalizing on this innovative field.

According to vScenario, the digital twin concept allows businesses to recreate a digital version of any potential scenario they may face in the real world, thereby allowing them to research, create, test, build, reconfigure or otherwise prepare for any possible outcome that may occur. In essence, the company uses analytical data to simulate the results of any given action in a virtual replica of a physical or real-world scenario. The potential for such technology is staggering, and industry leaders like vScenario are always working hard to push the boundaries of what is already possible.

As any business owner would be able to attest, the decisions made regarding a business’ future can mean the difference between success, survival and outright failure. It then follows that the ability to accurately estimate the results of any action can be invaluable to an entrepreneur who is responsible for guiding a business’ operations. While there are no strict definitions for what encompasses a digital twin, this is only indicative of the broad array of applications the technology has, from data science to data analysis to production.

The company states that this technology, also known as a virtual twin, can be used to monitor, diagnose and optimize the performance of any aspect of a business. They currently use it often in the design, construction, building analysis, and scenario training development of a specific place, location or building. This is due to the fact that a digital twin can help them identify potential threats and vulnerabilities well before these issues pose a risk to real-world structures. For instance, the use of such advanced simulations allows vScenario to track building shifts over a given period, offering an otherwise impossible glimpse into the structure’s future stability.

They explain that, “Utilizing reality capture in a pre-design phase allows highly specialized engineers to analyze data in real time and act on insight rather than intuition. The end result is a technology based solution that saves project dollars. vScenario's use of virtual technology in the development of a building’s design aids their efforts in structural and civil engineering. Creating a digital twin replica of an area or building before it is built optimizes the operations maintenance and troubleshoots potential problems.”

Troubleshooting and optimization, in fact, are among the biggest advantages this technology offers. While traditional forms of research and development might require vast resources in order to physically test every possible outcome (or force businesses to test only a limited range of outcomes), a digital twin substitutes these physical resources with data in order to produce a similar result — often with far less expenditure. Prior to construction, for instance, a contractor may use a digital twin to test their future work for any potential faults. This allows them to correct an issue before it threatens their investment in any way. In turn, they can use a digital twin to keep testing their refinements until they are satisfied with the results.

vScenario adds, “The threshold cost of setting up a digital twin is estimated at around $50,000, and the use of digital twins saves companies 20-30% of development costs on average.” This makes it an incredibly viable option for many types of businesses, especially if they are at a stage of growth where minor errors can have immensely costly consequences.

The company understands that many are likely to be unfamiliar with this field. In order to help their peers and clients come to grips with digital twin technology and its vast potential, vScenario urges their community to get in touch today to start learning how they can implement it to their benefit. Those interested in speaking with one of the company’s representatives, for instance, may reach out to Joseph Rietman of vScenario for further details. More information can be found on their website as well.


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