Digital Marketing Company In Phoenix Explains Reputation Management

Tempe, Arizona based Lucid Leverage LLC is taking steps to explain reputation management services and why they are important. The company has established itself as a reliable provider of online reputation management (ORM), search engine optimization (SEO), YouTube marketing and social media marketing across the USA, Canada and the UK.

Lucid Leverage LLC states that online reputation management is the process of monitoring mentions of a brand on social media and other websites to ensure that any negative comments or falsehoods can be dealt with immediately. The bulk of online reputation management is responding quickly to negative comments online and reacting to stories in the media that paint the brand in an unfavorable light.

The reputation management company in Phoenix notes that online reputation management is markedly different from public relations (PR). While they do share the same overall goal of making sure that a brand is seen in the best possible light, they achieve that goal in very different ways.

PR is usually done through external firms, and they conduct their work through advertising and coordinated media promotional efforts. More often than not, PR is a proactive effort to strengthen a brand, though they do sometimes handle damage control. On the other hand, online reputation management is a very reactive process. It involves actively looking for negative mentions of a brand and responding to them promptly. This can be done externally or internally.

Chris Quintela from Lucid Leverage LLC says, “In this day and age of social media, it has become very easy for people to attack a brand online. When people are posting negative comments about your brand everywhere, it can be very damaging to your brand, especially if those comments are unfounded or just plain wrong. Whether the comments come from unscrupulous competitors or disgruntled employees or legitimate customers who had unrealistic expectations about your product or service, online reputation management can help ensure that your company doesn’t get undue hatred.”

The reputation management agency uses every modern technology available, including artificial intelligence, to make sure that any negative reviews are suppressed and positive reviews take the spotlight. In addition to that, Lucid Leverage will also take 5-Star reviews and produce Hollywood style videos to showcase the brand’s happy clients and customers.

The high quality services provided by Lucid Leverage LLC have earned the company a stellar rating on the Google platform. Jennifer Bull writes, “Lucid Leverage has taken care of my business SEO and web building needs for several years, and I'm always impressed at how they go above and beyond. I've had my website attacked and various other things, and they always know just how to handle the situation to keep my web presence unaffected. Great company with great people.”

In another review, Dave Iacoloi says, “Lucid raises the bar when it comes to SEO and actual results! They have a strategic approach which is on the forefront of internet search-ability (and so much more). Our firm is incredibly happy with the rankings increase, traffic increase and conversion rate increase we see from the Lucid team's work. Good news, you can stop looking around for an SEO company now that you have read this review. Lucid is your answer.”

Lucid Leverage has been in the digital marketing industry since 2005. The company has worked with clients from every state in the US, along with the UK, Australia and Canada. Lucid Leverage is proud to share that their clients range from the two person plumbing crew in Houston, Texas or Chicago, Illinois to multi-million dollar e-commerce businesses and so on based in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles or West Hollywood, California.

Those who have been searching for reliable reputation management or SEO resellers in Phoenix and want to learn more about Lucid Leverage LLC and their services are welcome to visit the company's website to get started. Additionally, they encourage interested parties to get in touch with Chris Quintela directly via email or phone. The company can also be reached through the contact form on their website. Social media users can find Lucid Leverage LLC on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media and more.


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