Digital Marketing And Branding Firm Announces Customized Digital Marketing Plans

Social Soaring based in Beechgrove, Tennessee, has announced services that will help businesses to increase sales with marketing on social sites that includes a number of marketing strategies. The company provides digital marketing that involves paid advertisements, monthly posting schedules, lead generation, and growth strategies, among other services, all of which are customized for each individual business.

Jessica Luna, a representative for the company says, “Businesses just have to contact us to begin customizing their maps to success. No matter what stage a business is currently in, we can guide that businesses to success using a plan that is completely customized to the individual business’s needs.”

Social Media Needs

The social media branding firm states that they offer big town results with a hometown feel. The company states that they have fine-tuned their skills over the years to be able to offer businesses a plan that works to get them where they want to be.

“Your company is special, and we believe that it should be treated special,” says Luna. “We can do any type of digital marketing that your business may need. This includes paid ads, monthly posting schedules, growth strategies, lead generation, or any number of other services. And, we have a mix of different plans from which you can choose, including monthly bundles, full-service plans, or ala carte services for when you need just a tiny dose of help.”

Luna states that no great marketing plan is possible without the marketing company truly understanding their client. Because of this, the company recommends that businesses give them as much information as possible, which is typically done during a one-hour strategy session that is free for new businesses. Those who are interested just need to fill out the contact form on the website and then schedule a session to begin.

The company offers a number of social media growth and maintenance services, all of which can be seen on the website. Package examples include growth, which could mean up to 200 new followers each month, as well as three new posts each week, unlimited sharing, three new stories each week, and one coach call per month, among other services, all for a monthly fee. Packages go up from there to include up to 500 new followers per month, four coach calls per month, and additional benefits. Packages and their prices can be seen on the company’s website.

The company also provides ala carte services that can include social account creation, social account growth, social group sharing, branding services, blogging services, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, paid campaigns, website creation, web page additions, email marketing, story creation, and a variety of other services.

The company’s website gives a complete list of these services, as well as their prices and payment options. Luna adds that the company is a digital marketing and branding firm that specializes in social media maintenance. Their clients enjoy economically friendly, hands-free social media growth using a number of different proven strategies.

Businesses interested in taking advantage of the free expert consultation can fill out the form on the website with their name, phone number, and email and a representative will get back to them as quickly as possible. Luna says that this one-hour consultation helps the company to learn more about the individual business and to build a customized plan for getting that business where it wants to be.

Those interested in learning more about Social Soaring can visit their website or find them on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or YouTube. The company states that social marketing is the way to reach the masses today and this is not likely to change in the near future. Luna says that any business that is not seeing the results that it wants from its social engagement should contact the company and allow them to take a look at that business and its current strategies to see what can be done to make its social presence more successful.


For more information about Social Soaring, contact the company here:

Social Soaring
Jessica Luna
339 Simtal Ln Beechgrove, TN 37037