Digital Marketing Agency In Tempe Supports Businesses During Pandemic

Tempe, AZ digital marketing agency Lucid Leverage LLC is keen to provide their assistance to businesses during the pandemic. Given that the country as a whole is facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis, the agency has made it their mission to help their clients both survive and thrive during this period. As such, they are encouraging businesses from all over the region to get in touch if they require assistance with creating a marketing campaign (and more) that can help offset the losses incurred as a result of the pandemic.

As a digital marketing agency in Tempe, Lucid Leverage is intimately aware of what local businesses need to succeed, and that has not changed in the time since outbreaks first took place earlier this year. The company has been hard at work tracking the crisis’ effect on the economy and marketing trends as well as developing tools and strategies to combat its negative effects on behalf of their clients.

“Many of us failed to so much as imagine such an economic upheaval occurring in our lifetimes,” Chris Quintela of Lucid Leverage observes. “This means that, in turn, many of us were caught woefully unprepared for the extent of the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the team at Lucid Leverage believes that there are paths a business could take in order to maintain an appreciable income while we wait for the situation to be resolved. At worst, you may be able to mitigate losses enough to the point your business survives the fallout of the pandemic and can rebuild in the future. At best, you may be able to avoid downsizing your team due to how well you’re doing. The key, we believe, is in how you reach your audience and how your products or services are presented to them. You have nothing to lose — and everything to gain — by working with us.”

Lucid Leverage’s expertise extends across a variety of digital marketing avenues, each of which their team has a considerable degree of expertise in. A client may approach Lucid Leverage for assistance with social media marketing, for instance, following which they may utilize the company’s web design capabilities or begin local Search Engine Organization (SEO). One of their biggest strengths, according to Quintela, is the fact that they can marshal each of these disciplines into a cohesive whole that propels a business’ outreach and drives up engagement with preferred audiences. Furthermore, given that Lucid Leverage is an accomplished reputation management agency, a client will always have an expert’s advice on how to proceed with every stage of their brand’s marketing.

Quintela adds that the agency has invested greatly in analyzing Google Search and social media, an investment they continue to make to this day. While the online landscape continues to evolve at a staggering pace, Lucid Leverage is able to create models that can help them predict which actions will result in favorable customer feedback and engagement. This knowledge, the agency places at the disposal of their clients. As their name suggests, they specialize in leveraging online marketing trends and more on their clients’ behalf.

A review from Crane Network LLC demonstrates how valued the agency’s services are among their clients. “Crane Network has been working with Lucid Leverage for 4+ years,” says a representative from Crane Network in their 5-Star Google review. “They have been very responsive to help us improve all of our web traffic and page placement. We are seeing better results on a daily basis. Chris is extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond for his clients.”

Another review from Jennifer Bull echoes these statements. Her review says, “Lucid Leverage has taken care of my business SEO and web building needs for several years and I'm always impressed at how they go above and beyond. I've had my website attacked and various other things, and they always know just how to handle the situation to keep my web presence unaffected. Great company with great people.”

Lucid Leverage’s website offers additional insight on their services and the methods by which they seek to bring success to their clients. Businesses that find themselves facing difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic are invited to get in touch with the agency today. Chris Quintela and the team at Lucid Leverage LLC look forward to providing any and all assistance possible.


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