Diamond Rock Spring Water Is Offering Over 140 Types Of K Cup Coffee And Tea Pods For Sale

Diamond Rock Spring Water, a family-owned water delivery service in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, is offering over 140 types of K-Cup coffee and tea pods for sale. The company is a direct distributor of all Keurig K-Cups and Brewers. It is able to offer competitive pricing because its boxes contain 24 K-Cups to a box. The business provides doorstep delivery on all of its products.

While some K-Cups are available for direct order on the business’s website, there is a separate order form that allows more detailed selections on over 140 different types of K-Cup flavors and collections. The assorted menu contains collections such as Green Mountain Regular, Green Mountain Extra Bold, Green Mountain Flavored, Green Mountain Decaf, Green Mountain Sampler, Green Mountain Seasonal, Gloria Jeans Flavored, Van Houtte, Caribou, Tully’s, Eight O’Clock, Folgers, McCafe, Lavazza, Krispy Kreme, Cafe Bustelo, Revv, The Original Donut Shop, Dunkin Donuts, Peet’s, Starbucks, Barista Prima, Gevalia Kaffe, Cafe Escapes and Swiss Miss, Donut House, Diedrich Brand Special, Coffee People, Maxwell House, Celestial Seasonings Tea, Snapple Iced Tea, Bigelow Tea, Lipton Tea, and Tetley Tea. Customers can keep up with regular updates from the company by following it on its Facebook page.

Diamond Rock Coffee delivery

Keurig was founded in Massachusetts in 1992. The first brewers and K-Cup pods were launched in 1998. The biggest appeal of the K-Cups is the ease of use that has made them a favorite in offices all around the world. Each K-Cup pod is filled with the ingredients such as coffee grounds, tea leaves, cocoa powder and is then nitrogen-flushed, sealed, and made impermeable to oxygen, light, and moisture. As a result, the pods are capable of keeping the ingredients within them fresh for a long time, retaining the taste. There are many generations and products under the Keurig brand. The customer has to be savvy enough to identify the cups supported by their brewer and order the corresponding K-Cups. Keurig has partnered with various brands to allow them to make K-Cups that are compatible with the brewers. Customers can now over 400 beverage varieties from over 60 brands on their Keurig.

Diamond Rock Spring Water has been operational since 1994. Mario Picinich started the company with a philosophy of providing customers with quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent personalized service. The same tradition has been carried forward by his son, Richard Picinich. The company gives back to the community and children’s charities. They donate water to all local teams, and fundraisers hosted by its customers. They sponsor a town softball team and a local soccer team. They donate scholarships to graduating seniors and the Gift Of Life Fund which provides open heart surgery for underprivileged children. They also donate to the “Go the Distance for Autism” charity.

A review of Diamond Rock Spring Water by Eric Zhang says, “Great water for great prices. I've been going here for a few years now. I bring back old 5-gallon containers and get new ones for only $4. It's a great deal and I can't find it cheaper elsewhere. Plus, the water tastes great.”

A review by J on Diamond Rock Spring Water’s GMB listing says, “Just Signed our Company up with water service from them, the owners and staff were so kind and professional. They were able to get our water delivery and cooler out to us NEXT day. Also threw in some free gallon jugs and free month. Looking forward to supporting some local business.”

A review by David Js Francisco says, “I have been a customer for 10 years. I visit Diamond Rock frequently to pick up my spring water and coffee. The quality of service and their products surpass all other vendors. I have also had deliveries of both water and coffee to my home. After reading the negative comment about Diamond Rock and its owners/staff, I strongly disagree. Yes, misunderstandings may occur, but Diamond Rock has always had the customer’s satisfaction and interests in mind.”


For more information about Diamond Rock Spring Water, contact the company here:

Diamond Rock Spring Water
Richard Picinich
(201) 440-1112
60 Railroad Ave, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660