Diamond Rock Spring Water Coffee Delivery Service Now Available

New Jersey based Diamond Rock Spring Water has just announced that it will be providing a new delivery service for coffee lovers. The company, which exclusively serves the Bergen, Essex, Hudson, and Union County areas, has said that the new service will be operating on a “Will Call Basis.”

Jerry McGonigle, a spokesperson for Diamond Rock Spring Water, said, “What this means for our customers is that they can now call with an order for coffee and we will deliver it in just the same way as we do for our existing water deliveries. Each town within the counties we serve has its own delivery day and that means customers will always know exactly when a delivery will be made. We think our prices are the best around and of course there is no contract with our ‘will call’ system.”

coffee K-cups

The company has an impressive range of K-Cups that includes something for just about any coffee lover. Carrying a selection of over 140 different K-Cups all the well-known brands that a coffee drinker would expect to find are there. Apart from all the standard coffees decaffeinated options are also available for customers that require them.

Diamond Rock Spring Water has also announced that it will be carrying a selection of fair trade K-Cups as part of its new delivery service range. Fair trade options are becoming increasingly important for many people. Fair trade is a system of fairer and better prices for farmers which in turn means better working conditions and better wages for workers in the poorer developing countries.

It is not just K-Cups that will be available with Diamond Rock Spring Water’s new coffee delivery service, however. Apart from the expected selection of coffee K-Cups, tea and hot cocoa K-Cups will also be on offer. Of course, not everyone has a K-Cup machine or wants to get one and for those customers a selection of ground coffees will be available as an alternative.

Mr. McGonigle went on to say, “We have made a concerted effort to obtain a better than average selection of coffees so that our customers can find something that really suits their palate. The choice of coffee is such a personal thing and we fully understand that.”

Diamond Rock Spring Water has been in business and serving the New Jersey area since 1994. The company is both family owned and operated and it passionately believes in providing each and every customer with quality products and service.

It is not just coffee and tea that the company delivers, however. As the name Diamond Rock Spring Water might suggest, the company also carries a great selection of water for customers within its New Jersey service area. As stated on its website, Diamond Rock recognizes and understands the importance of clean drinking water being available as an alternative to tap water.

The company sources its spring water from a pristine area in the Kittatinny Mountains. The water has been tested by the government and is FDA approved. In addition, it is licensed by the New Jersey State Department of Health.

Three-gallon and five-gallon jugs are available for commercial customers and a selection of hot and cold coolers can also be purchased. For residential customers, the selection of bottled waters ranges from eight ounces up to one gallon. In addition, distilled water is available in both one-gallon and five-gallon sizes.

Diamond Rock Spring Water also has an active and interesting social media presence on Facebook. The company’s Facebook Page has a selection of posts explaining all of the company’s different products and services as well as details of when it will be closed for holidays etc.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Diamond Rock Spring Water’s new coffee delivery service or its water deliveries should visit the company’s website. Details of all the coffees, teas, cocoas, and waters that can be chosen can be found there along with details of how to contact the company or how to place an order.


For more information about Diamond Rock Spring Water, contact the company here:

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