Detroit Company Believes Fleet Management Software Will Continue to Shape the Future of Vehicle-Based Businesses

Detroit, Michigan’s Fleet Cost & Care, a company that offers software solutions for the crane, rigging, and heavy equipment industries, is a company that firmly believes that fleet management software will continue to be the key for vehicle and equipment-based businesses to stay profitable in the future. Other outdated processes simply do not allow a fleet-based business to thrive in this day and age as well as those that use special software to help them operate at maximum efficiency. This holds true whether a business has just a few service vans or a large number of cranes they need to move around to different job sites. Fleet management software gives company managers instant information on each of their vehicles, so they can more easily manage their production, compliance, and other important cost control factors.

The company President, Jeff Curran, says, “There was a time when fleet-based businesses were controlled by hands-on processes and communication devices such as radios, but that time has long since passed. Modern fleet management software, when put into action, is now the choice of vehicle and equipment-based businesses that want to be efficient and profitable. These software solutions take what was once a nearly impossible task and turn it into one of the most manageable aspects of any vehicle or equipment-based business. The fleet management software that we have designed works so well, that part of the control functions of a fleet-based business can even be automated. It does not get any easier to run a fleet of vehicles or equipment than that.”

According to Curran, there are several different ways that fleet management software helps a vehicle or equipment-based business operate as close as possible to maximum efficiency. The most important of which is it helps maximize a company’s fleet production, which in turn, helps cut costs and increase profits. He pointed out that since specialized software for fleet-based businesses also helps them run smoother, this directly leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction. It also eliminates some of the more mundane and time-consuming aspects of a fleet manager's job so they can concentrate more on their core duties.

Curran added that it’s not just office-based software that is important to managing a fleet of trucks or equipment. Those who run their company’s fleets want to be able to know where their vehicles or equipment are and what they are doing even when they are not in front of the company computers. He says that’s why they have gone to great lengths to create mobile fleet management apps that allow those involved with fleet management to do this. By allowing fleet managers the ability to always have instant access to relevant company vehicle or equipment information, they can now make quick adjustments to fleet actions from anywhere. He says that this will further enhance fleet efficiency and, in turn, help a company to continue to add to its bottom-line dollars at the same time.

The company representative also cautioned against vehicle and equipment-based businesses thinking of fleet management software as solely a means to control dispatching because it offers so much more than that. It can do such things as help a fleet-based company generate accurate quotes more quickly too. He added that some fleet management software, such as theirs that was built exclusively for heavy equipment companies, even allows for the scheduling of equipment and the movement of employees as required. It can even enable a company to better run their service department if they have one. Both their fleet management software and app give a fleet-based company the ability to streamline their report generation and invoicing process too. Well-designed fleet management software is also proven to limit interruptions and issues which commonly plague a company’s vehicle or equipment management operations.

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