Destination Paradise Releases Video Titled ‘Texas 4 K Relaxation Film’

Destination Paradise has released a video titled ‘Texas 4K Relaxation Film’ that presents the size, scope, and majesty of The Lone Star State in full display. The high resolution, high frame rate video contains drone footage accompanied by soothing and relaxing music that makes for an enthralling and mesmerizing viewing experience.

Texas was the 28th state admitted to the Union. It comes in second, according to the area covered, after Alaska, and also comes in second, population-wise, after California. The state gets its nickname from its former status as an independent republic that struggled to gain independence from Mexico. Several nations have ruled over Texas during different times in its history. Spain was the first to establish control over the area, followed by France. Mexico eventually gained control and Texas won its independence from them in 1836. Just 9 years later, it joined the Union. It was a slave state that seceded from the US in early 1861 and then joined the Confederacy the same year. After the Civil war was over and the dust settled, the state entered a period of economic stagnation.

Texas 4K

The cattle industry, which was one of the primary drivers of growth in its early days immortalized the traditional image of the Texas cowboy. Soon the cattle industry was usurped by the cotton and lumber industries as they were more lucrative. Eventually, after the discovery of considerably large oil reserves, the state witnessed an economic boom that lasted into the 20th century. Today, the state has a diversified economy that is comprised of tourism, agriculture, petrochemicals, energy, computers and electronics, aerospace, and biomedical sciences.

The sprawling size of the state ensures that it has a diverse range of geological features such as deserts, prairies, grasslands, forests, coastlines, coastal swamps, piney woods, rolling plains, rugged hills, and mountains. Most of the features are amazingly captured in the footage uploaded by Destination Paradise. The video makes use of aerial drone shots, flyover shots, time-lapse shots to present the landscape from a viewpoint that is seldomly captured.

Some of the locations and iconic structures from the state that are shown in the video include the city of Austin, the Dallas skyline, Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Downtown Houston, Fort Worth, Downtown Dallas, Mountain Road in Texas National Park, a Texas-shaped pool, the Austin Capitol Building, The Fort Worth Stockyards, a historic district in Fort Worth, Alamodome and Interstate 37 in San Antonio, Globe Life Park, Rangers Baseball, Arlington, San Antonio River Walk, Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Austin city skyline, Colorado River, El Paso, Highland Park in Dallas, The University of Texas at Austin, Cowtown Coliseum, Downtown Denton, Tower of the Americas from San Antonio Park, and many more.

Tourists looking to visit the state can look forward to a plethora of activities ranging from outdoor to cultural to educational. Families visiting Houston can find plenty of exploration to keep themselves busy at the Johnson Space Center and the Houston Zoo. Those heading to San Antonio can hope to soak up some history at the Alamo or enjoy a relaxing stroll along The River Walk. Big Bend National Park is a great option for those looking for an outdoor adventure with plenty of paved and dirt roads for scenic drives along with plenty of hiking trails for an intimate experience. Those visiting Austin can spend their time in Sixth Street, a music hub packed with bars, restaurants, and live music venues or they can visit any of the various museums that dot the city.

The video is almost 1 hour and 15 minutes in length and has garnered over 5000 views in a short time span of just over one month. The video has a lot of encouraging comments that are complimenting its variety of impressive shots and choice of calming music. Readers can find more scenic relaxation videos highlighting locations from all around the world such as England, The Maldives, Africa, New York City, and others on the Destination Paradise Youtube channel.


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