Destination Paradise Publishes Italy 4 K Relaxation Film

Cornelia, GA based Destination Paradise is pleased to announce that they have published Italy 4K, a Relaxation Film that joins the ranks of many others of its kind. Destination Paradise is a Youtube channel known for publishing inspirational videos and scenic relaxation films of different locations all around the world.

The topic of one of the more recent additions to their channel is Italy, a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline. Italy is known for the mark it has left on Western culture and cuisine as well as its various landmarks, art and ancient ruins. It is an incredibly beautiful country with lots of history, and Destination Paradise aimed to capture all this in their video.

Italy 4K

One of the cities featured in the Italy 4K Relaxation Film is Florence. Florence is considered to be one of the most important Italian cities (with regard to the Renaissance) due to its role in the advocacy of humanism, its patronage of the arts and its prestige in banking and commerce. In fact, Florence is widely considered to be the birthplace of the Renaissance. The florin, Florence’s currency that was issued from 1252 to 1533, was one of the most widely used currencies in Europe throughout the Middle Ages. This currency was used by Florentines to establish a huge network of banks all across Europe. These banks were very successful, as large merchants and political leaders alike borrowed huge amounts of money from them. These loans were of course given at an interest, and Florentine bankers eventually established a cycle that brought them great wealth.

The wealth that Florentine bankers received then allowed certain families, such as the wealthy Medici family, to sponsor various artists. For this reason, many important Renaissance artists took residence in Florence at one point. These artists include Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Under the sponsorship of the powerful Medici family, these artists were able to create some of their most outstanding pieces of art. Florence was also very supportive of the spreading of humanism or the revival in the study of classical antiquity. This can be seen in how they built libraries and academies where people can learn about classical antiquity and other topics.

Florentine residents also funded churches and public buildings that helped the city accumulate beauty, culture, intellect and spiritual wealth. Today, people can come to Florence and experience its history firsthand. It features beautiful architecture and captivating pieces of art. It has a slower and calmer ambiance compared to many other popular tourist spots, so visitors can slowly stroll through the city and appreciate its grandeur. There are lots of places to visit, such as the Uffizi Gallery (which contains lots of Renaissance masterpieces) and the grand Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza Duomo. Lovers of fine cuisine will also be pleased to learn that Florence is known for having some of the best food and wine in Italy.

Another city featured in the Italy 4k Relaxation Film is Venice. Venice is the capital of the Veneto region in northeastern Italy. The construction of Venice began after the fall of the Roman Empire as people headed to the islands in the lagoon to escape from the mainland. Because of the large number of refugees, a lot of space was needed. In order to meet this necessity, people drove wooden poles beneath the ground and built wooden platforms on top of these poles. These platforms served as the foundation upon which they erected their buildings. Even though Venice is built on wood, it is still standing today because much of this wood is underwater and is not as exposed to oxygen (which helps decay to take place). The wood has also turned more durable, partially thanks to the salinity of the water it was submerged in.

As with Florence, it is historically significant — the republic of Venice was known to be a major financial and maritime power during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It served as an important area for various important battles and expeditions, such as the Battle of Lepanto and the Crusades. It was also an important place for both commerce and art. Today, Venice is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and has been ranked the most beautiful city in the world as of 2016.

Those who wish to see more of Italy are welcome to check out the video published by Destination Paradise. Interested parties may also check their Youtube channel for more nature relaxation videos.


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