Destin Travel Planners Remind Travelers it is the Last Chance to Book the Danube River Cruise

Cruise Planner in Destin

Destin, Fla.- Cruises provide a great way for travelers to visit multiple destinations in a reasonable amount of time, not to mention the many perks and luxuries aboard a cruise ship. Have Travel Memories, a travel agency in Destin, FL, now has several cruises available, including a 10-night Danube River cruise.

Setting sea on May 20, the Danube River cruise is approaching quickly, so Have Travel Memories wants to remind travelers that this is the last chance to book the trip. In fact, right now, travelers can get $1,000 off if they book one of the few cabins that are still available. The cruise begins on May 20 in Budapest, reaching Vienna by May 22. Over the next eight days, the ship makes stops in Krems, Passau, Regensburg, and Oberammergau before reaching the destination in Munich.

Cruisers will have the opportunity to experience many amazing sights, both historical and scenic. Because several tours are included in the cruise package, travelers will be able to get a good sense of each city and the culture. Along with the tours, the cruise schedule also allows for several days of solo exploration, providing the perfect balance of guided travel and freedom to explore.

The Danube is the heart and soul of Central Europe. With medieval towns, grand cities, and stunning scenery, this journey on the “Blue Danube” is one that any traveler will love. It will be breathtaking and exhilarating as travelers see glorious cities, romantic castles, and history come alive on the banks of the Danube. 

Travelers can find more information about the Danube River Cruise on the Have Travel Memories website.

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