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Dependable Homebuyers, a national real estate investor based, is featured in today's marketing blog. The company purchases and rehabs houses and provides sellers with an offer for their home that is contingent on market value and repair needs. With a simple solution to selling one's house, "We Buy Houses" are sure to be featured as one of the top cash home buyers in America.

The We Buy Houses company was recently featured in a blog posts on real estate marketing. In the post they explain how they market to homeowners using postcards. The article can be read at

Dependable Homebuyers

The company has been in business for more than 25 years and, through the purchase of over 3500 homes, knows how to make a deal. "We Buy Houses" is driven by its mission to help people find solutions to their real estate problems. Dependable Homebuyers provides sellers with an offer that doesn't have any contingencies or closing costs.

Homeowners can relax knowing that Dependable Homebuyers will make this process go much easier by purchasing their home and paying a fair price.

"What was really different about working with an iBuyer is that they send in a professional whose job it is to see what at your place would hurt its ability to sell or the price that it would sell for," Dependable Homebuyers says.

To assist homeowners who would like to downsize or just get some quick cash, Dependable Homebuyers is still buying homes and can handle transactions virtually. They have done this with minimal overhead and can close quickly.

Dependable Homebuyers is a company that purchases houses for a profit. They specialize in vacant properties, homes with unpaid mortgages, and fire-damaged properties. Starting with Dependable Homebuyers is simple. Once a client contacts them, the company researches the home’s details to develop an offer that would benefit the client. When they present the fair cash offer with no obligation and no fees, they close in 7-28 days.

Dependable Homebuyers does not require a contingency. This means that homeowners can sell their houses without inspections, financing contingencies, or commissions from the seller's agent. With Dependable Homebuyer clients will no longer need to do countless walkthroughs, sign a complicated contract, or fill out paperwork

One of the best things about Dependable Homebuyers is that they are cash home buyers. Unlike many other companies, such as real estate agents, who list homes for a commission and then turn buyers away because they don't have enough funds or time to close on the sale, Dependable Homebuyers pays their clients immediately while showing flexibility.

The team at Dependable Homebuyers plans to continue their expansion of employees and services throughout 2021. This will allow them to assist more individuals with instant, as-is home sales for fair cash prices.

According to a company spokesman, “If you have been struggling to sell your home for what it's worth, we buy houses for cash and do not charge any sales commissions. This way, our company is more convenient than real estate agents or property managers who try to get an offer that profits them instead of you.”

The company’s claim is that they have the simplest method to sell a home for cash since they buy all homes as-is, with no need for repairs or other expenses such as a loss to real estate commissions.

To learn more about Dependable Homebuyers, call to book an appointment. Or visit them at one of their many locations nation wide. For any inquiries about selling homes for cash, visit their website for more information.


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