Denver Plumber Helps Colorado Homeowners After Frigid Weather Freezes Pipes

Denver, CO - High 5 Plumbing is one among many companies on call 24/7 to offer fast and reliable service during a frosty start to 2021.

As major snowstorms continue to pound Denver and the rest of Colorado with heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures, plumbers remain in high demand as they race from home to home repairing the damage caused by burst pipes. High 5 Plumbing is one such Denver-based plumbing company, and its talented team has experienced one of its busiest winters in recent memory.

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“There is no question, this harsh winter weather is keeping everyone in Denver on high alert,” High 5 Plumbing marketing manager Claire Doyle says. “We have one of the most well-equipped teams of plumbers in the region, and as a trusted partner to the community, we are always busy. But this season, I’ve watched our dedicated plumbers work tremendously hard to make sure our customers are taken care of. No one wants to deal with frozen pipes and water damage in times like these.”

High 5 Plumbing was recently featured on CBS Denver and interviewed third-generation plumber CJ Vigil, one of the company’s employees who explained his colleagues have been slammed with trying to keep up with the demand since the cold temperatures set in. He also explained that many of the pipes that end up bursting are usually copper and galvanized steel pipes that may be older or not properly insulated. Even insulated pipes can be susceptible to failure, however. When a pipe does burst, the ruined section is often placed with a flexible plastic hose that will expand and contract without cracking in cold weather.

Any home in need of assistance with wintertime plumbing issues, including emergencies such as frozen and burst water pipes, should call High 5 Plumbing immediately at 720-388-8247. Their staff is on call around the clock and is highly experienced and well-recognized within the community for its quality work.

Denver residents have enough to worry about when it comes to caring for their homes this winter. Thankfully with so many quality plumbing services available in the area, there is absolutely no need to worry about getting frozen pipes fixed.

About High 5 Plumbing

For nearly a decade, High 5 Plumbing has served as a trusted partner to homeowners, businesses, and commercial property managers seeking 24-hour worry-free, dependable plumbing services who are passionate about serving the Denver community. Volunteerism, transparency, and diligence are three core tenets the company’s philosophy is built upon, and the company is heavily relied upon throughout the region for its expert-level service, rapid response times, and open and clear communication with its clients. Every call ends with a High 5!


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