Denton Shipping Store Highlights Recent Postal Service Reform Act

Denton, TX. - Numerous legislative measures have been proposed by the House Oversight and Reform Committee to assist the United States Postal Service (USPS) as the organization recovers from the overwhelming effects of the pandemic. According to the Denton shipping store, the Postal Service Reform Act has already leveraged bipartisan support since its introduction. 

This bill includes several main points, among them eliminating the requirement that USPS pre-fund retiree health benefits. Postal Service employees would therefore be required to enroll in the Medicare government retirement plan instead. This change alone would save USPS $40 billion to $50 billion over the next ten years.

Under the bill, USPS would be required to maintain a mixed network for the delivery of market-dominant and competitive commodities, with deliveries occurring at least six days a week. An interactive web tool would also be required, as well as the establishment of yearly nationwide delivery targets, and the maintenance of a public website. Market-dominant products will be evaluated weekly through this tool, which will provide information on overall performance. Together with the ten Year "Delivering for America" Plan, the Postal Service Reform Act will work to transform the Postal Service.

“The Postal Service Reform Act will help put USPS on the road to fiscal stability, make it more efficient and sustainable for generations, and ensure continued service to the American people,” stated Ranking Member James Comer. 

With many frustrated Americans affected by the delays happening at USPS, this act is a much-needed change. 

Pack ‘N' Mail finds the new steps being taken by congress an encouragement for the industry that has experienced nothing but frustrations for the last year. The Denton mailbox store has been tirelessly serving the local community since 1994 with a dedicated team of professionally trained experts shipping experts. For more information on services offered at Pack N Mail, give them a call at 940-565-6400 or visit them online at 


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