Dentist In Sandy Springs Treats Jaw Issues

Dr. Rodney Baier, DDS, a dentist in Sandy Springs, Georgia, is pleased to offer his expertise to help relieve the pain of patients suffering from pain caused by TMD or TMJ jaw issues. Dr. Baier and his highly qualified team also offer a range of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures at the clinic.

Some individuals, when waking up in the morning and yawning, may hear a familiar but irritating click, which often is accompanied by a sore face. Even when they do not experience an abundance of pain or discomfort, the distinctive click or grinding noise is undeniable. Many may choose to ignore it because it seems harmless, but the clinic says it is best to take it seriously as it could be a symptom of TMJ disorder or TMD.

Cosmetic dentist in Sandy Springs offers TMD and TMJ jaw pain to dental patients in pain and need dentistry in Sandy Springs with a compassion approach. Modern dentistry in Sandy Springs, GA dental office provides the lastest modern technology that helps get dentistry patients in our office out of pain and feeling confident in their smile. Dr. Rodney Baier is a general dentist who loves and specializes in TMD and TMJ issues and he can use dental technology that helps dental patients in his hometown of Sandy Springs.

The TMJ, also known as the temporomandibular joint, is located on either side of the jaw. The articular disc, which is composed of elastic fibrocartilage and serves as a cushion while joining the lower jaw to the temporal bone, is a part of these joints or sliding hinges. The bones are shielded by a cushion when this joint is functioning properly, preventing the bones from rubbing against one another. A jaw click indicates that one or more of the articular discs are damaged in TMJ disorders or TMD. The severity of the symptoms and the underlying reasons of the disorder might vary.

A clicking or popping sound when moving or opening the jaw, ear pain, locking of the jaw, dizziness, jaw pain in the morning or under stress, discomfort when eating and ringing in the ears are some of the symptoms of TMJ disorder. Possible causes of TMJ disorder include the Temporomandibular joint being damaged by an impact, long-term effects of clenching or grinding teeth, cartilage loss from arthritis or erosion or misalignment of the tiny shock-absorbing discs that divide the TMJ from the cartilage.

Dr. Baier will perform a physical examination to evaluate the condition and test the jaw's entire range of motion when a patient visits for a consultation. He will also determine whether the joint permits the patient to move their jaw fully. He may manually examine several sites along the jaw to check for pain triggers and listen for any popping, scraping or grinding noises that may occur as patients open and close their mouth. A Cone Beam CT or MRI may be needed if Dr. Baier decides that a patient will need to be evaluated further. The jaw issues dentist can examine for bone degradation and airway narrowing with Cone Beam CT imaging, which provides a 3D picture of the temporomandibular joint and skull. By producing images of the disc as well as the muscles and other soft tissues that surround the joint, an MRI can show joint problems.

Unfortunately, having TMJ on a daily basis can negatively impact not just the oral health but also overall sleep, how much oxygen the body receives, how the patient feels, how they eat and even how they stand and sit. TMJ disorders and sleep disorders of the airways (such as sleep apnea) are closely related, and it is a frequent occurrence for one condition to become worse in conjunction with the other.

Fortunately, both ailments can be treated after a thorough diagnosis. With a focus on the airway, Dr. Rodney Baier's extensive training and education is based on non-surgical treatment of TMD to realign the jaw and bite for long-term relief. A comprehensive evaluation and discussion with the patient regarding their priorities will be followed by the creation of a unique treatment strategy that is specific to their particular needs.

Dr. Baier's drive for further education began with his dentistry school graduation. The Pankey Institute (a non-profit educational center for dentists in Key Biscayne, Florida) and Spear Education (a continuing-education institute serving the striving dentist and those who are committed to the pursuit of clinical excellence that transforms their practices and the lives of their patients) are two postgraduate facilities where he receives advanced training to keep him at the cutting edge of dental knowledge. Each of these programs holds a special place in Dr. Baier's heart and has motivated him to make improvements to his dentistry practice.

To learn more about Dr. Baier and the services provided, patients and other interested parties may visit the clinic’s official website. He and his team can also be contacted via phone or email.


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