Dentist in Anchorage Explains Whether Mouthwash Can Be Used to Cure Bad Breath

Healthy Smiles Dental, a dental practice in Anchorage, Alaska, has announced that they have recently published a blog post that explains whether mouthwash can really cure halitosis or bad breath. The article explains that just like any health problem, bad breath is a symptom of an oral or physical health problem that needs to be addressed. According to most dentists, mouthwash can temporarily get rid of bad breath because of its ability to kill the bacteria that are responsible for bad breath. This means that bad breath can only be permanently resolved if the root cause of the problem has been resolved. It should also be noted that a person’s diet could be the reason for bad breath. In such cases, using mouthwash is the only treatment that is required.

Dr. Terry J. Preece, who heads Healthy Smiles Dental, says, “For the majority of people, bad breath usually points to cavities or gum disease. In other cases, it is a byproduct of physical health problems, such as metabolic disorders, sinusitis, diabetes, and liver and kidney disease. In cases where bad breath stems from dental or physical health problems, mouthwash will only provide a temporary solution.”

Mouthwash will work temporarily to get rid of bad breath because it contains antimicrobial ingredients that kill the odor-causing bacteria. A mouthwash product may also contain fluoride, which serves to protect against cavities that could result into more bacteria that would then make the bad breath worse.

The article concludes that mouthwash can serve as a cure or a temporary solution to bad breath, depending on the root cause. It should be noted that using mouthwash is a good practice for oral hygiene and offers many benefits.

Healthy Smiles Dental is headed by Dr. Terry J. Preece, who is a trusted dentist in Anchorage because of his more than 35 years of experience in offering comprehensive, full-care dentistry. Throughout those years, he has focused on helping his patients enjoy excellent oral health, have a beautiful smile, and feel totally relaxed and comfortable while they are receiving oral care. He has also honed his skills in cosmetic dentistry and smile design, comprehensive and complex dentistry, and provides three levels of sedation for his patients who worry about the discomfort they might feel.

In his comprehensive dentistry services, Dr. Preece will take a long-term approach towards a patient’s oral and dental care. This ensures that the effect of the care that he provides is intended to last a long time and not just as a temporary stopgap measure. This particular approach takes into consideration the materials used, the bite forces, the oral habits of the patient, and the patient’s general health and home care habits.

Meanwhile, cosmetic dentistry has the goal of providing a positive change to the patient’s teeth and smile. The beauty of a smile has common elements, such as size, texture, and color of the teeth, including the arrangement, symmetry, contour, proportion, surface texture, and gum appearance. Dr. Preece has been a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry since 1999. He combines comprehensive dentistry with cosmetic dentistry to provide the patient with a beautiful, fully functional smile that is completely healthy. His cosmetic dentistry services include: smile design, dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain crowns and bridges, porcelain and composite resin veneers, direct bonding, tooth colored fillings, gum contouring, restoring chipped teeth, teeth contouring, premium esthetic dentures, and closing spaces and gaps.

Dr. Preece also offers dental emergency services. Situations that are considered to be a dental emergency include: bleeding that doesn’t stop; pain in teeth or jaw bone; painful swelling in or around the mouth; after surgery treatment; gum infection with pain or swelling; denture adjustment for people receiving radiation or other treatment for cancer; biopsy of abnormal tissue; and adjustment of wire of braces that hurts the cheek or gums.

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