Decatur Car Accident Chiropractor Identifies Most Dangerous Roads in Decatur, Ga

Arrowhead Clinic in Decatur, a car accident chiropractic clinic, recently published a new blog post urging residents to use caution around some of the most dangerous areas in the area. "A car accident in Decatur, Georgia, can be devastating and tragic," says Harry Brown, the founder of Arrowhead Clinic, adding, "it could leave you with a serious personal injury and feeling helpless and confused.”

The blog post identifies some of the most accident-prone areas in Decatur, urging caution on these particularly deadly stretches of roads. A Decatur car accident chiropractor can come to the rescue of the accident victim in helping relieve their pain.

“There are seven very deadly stretches of roads in Decatur, GA. This number was second only to Atlanta, GA. Coming in with a grand total of just over 37 miles, these stretches of road in Decatur, GA accounted for 47 fatal crashes and a total of 51 fatalities.”

A 1.42-mile stretch on Wesley Chapel Rd, Decatur, is the deadliest stretch of road here, reporting five fatal crashes, seven fatalities, with 3.52 fatal crashes per mile. Check out the blog post for details on the other most dangerous stretches in Decatur, GA.

Unfortunately, says Harry Brown, Decatur reports the highest rates (31%) of drunk driving fatalities, which is way beyond the number recorded in Atlanta. Rural highways compare well with the most populated highways in terms of accidents, stresses the Decatur, GA car accident chiropractor. "The increased rate of wrecks in rural highways is primarily due to poorly maintained roads, debris, highway hypnosis, or distracted driving due to boredom," says Harry Brown.

The car accident doctor in Decatur, Georgia, points toward the careless attitude of drivers when they are close to home that results in less attention to the surroundings and a higher risk of accidents. Lower visibility also contributes to car crashes when backing out of driveways. Rush hour results in a lot of stress among drivers, especially after a long day of work. “On the way to work, drivers tend to try to multitask to get ready for their day by putting on makeup, eating, or reading emails. You can even be involved in an accident sitting at a stop sign if the driver behind you is distracted.”

There are places in Decatur, GA, with a lot of wild animals or escaped pets, which make them a hotspot for car accidents in the fall season. Harry Brown identifies unregulated intersections as one of the accident hotspots, resulting in frequent side-impact collisions. Auto accidents occur almost every day in tricky intersections with blind spots and heavy traffic.

“It only takes a split second for a driver to stop paying attention to their surroundings and run a stop sign, or hit a car parked stopped at a stop sign.”

Drivers often tend to ignore stoplights, says the GA auto accident chiropractor, adding that they are a magnet for car crashes and rear-end collisions. Distracted drivers often fail to stop just in time and end up hitting the vehicle in front, which sets a chain reaction at a spotlight. Harry Brown lists yellow lights as one of the biggest causes of auto accidents in Decatur due to the indecision and confusion among drivers, resulting in careless accidents. Similarly, two-lane roads are prone to head-on collisions as drivers try to “pass slower vehicles without enough time to merge back into their lane.”

Car accidents can cause serious injuries. Often the driver does not realize the gravity of their injuries immediately, but Harry Brown advises victims of car crashes to seek immediate medical treatment as many auto accident injuries “can lay dormant for days or even weeks.” The Decatur auto accident chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic have been treating accident victims for over 40 years with a focus on healing their injuries. They start by examining the patient and reviewing their medical history. Additionally, the leading Georgia auto accident injury doctors provide documentation to the victim’s lawyer and insurance companies as proof of injuries and medical treatments.

Besides being a top car accident chiropractor, Harry Brown is an experienced auto accident attorney in Decatur, GA. Car accident victims can get their injuries treated at the Arrowhead Clinic and simultaneously get legal representation and counseling from the team led by Harry Brown. Anybody seeking legal and medical advice for auto accidents in Decatur should visit Arrowhead Clinic in Decatur for a Free Consultation.


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