Debt Lawyers in Pensacola, FL Explain How Local Businesses are Affected by the Bridge Closure

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Pensacola, Fla. – Towards the beginning of September, Hurricane Sally made its way through Pensacola, resulting in the Pensacola Bay Bridge being struck by a barge. Unfortunately, the bridge is now unusable, and fixing it will likely take more than six months. Pensacola debt lawyers, Lewis and Jurnovoy, predict that this will be a time of suffering for businesses in Gulf Breeze, possibly resulting in a spike of bankruptcy cases.

Usually, over 60,000 vehicles utilize the Pensacola Bay Bridge each day, deeming the surrounding area a great location for many types of businesses. However, the current bridge closure has taken this perk away because it is now tremendously inconvenient for locals and tourists to enter the area. It is predicted that numerous Gulf Breeze businesses will end up applying for bankruptcy to lessen monetary pressures triggered by the lack of customers. The category of business and type of bankruptcy required will determine whether a business can continue operating after filing.

People who are local to the area realize that the bridge will be unusable for at least six months, making bankruptcy the sole option for many local businesses. Many of these local individuals want to do what they can to support the suffering businesses, so they have made plans to shop regularly in Gulf Breeze, even though it is less convenient. In addition, locals have also come up with the idea to arrange events in the Gulf Breeze area in an effort to provide companies with more traffic. This will surely help, but it will not completely solve the problem. With much time, the Gulf Breeze area can recover, but it will probably never look exactly the way it did before. The broken bridge disaster will leave its mark on Gulf Breeze.

Having served the Florida Panhandle as reputable debt relief lawyers for over 22 years, Lewis and Jurnovoy join the community in feeling heartbroken over the loss of essential transportation once provided by the bridge. Looking forward to the day when the bridge reopens, Lewis and Jurnovoy want to do everything they can to help those who are struggling, including working hard to ensure that their clients receive the best possible financial remedy. For more information regarding bankruptcy or debt-relief options, give them a call today at (850) 409-3350 or visit them online at 


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