Day Treatment At Vertava Health Of Massachusetts Offers An Alternative To Inpatient Programs

Pittsfield, MA: Vertava Health of Massachusetts is proud to offer day treatment for substance use issues to patients as an alternative to traditional inpatient programs. Their day treatment, also known as partial hospitalization program (PHP), is a type of outpatient care that allows patients to attend programming at their facilities during the day while being able to go home at night.

One of the greatest benefits of the partial hospitalization program at Vertava Health of Massachusetts is that clients dealing with substance use issues won’t have to spend weeks or months isolated from their loved ones. Receiving organic support from family can be a substantial contributing factor to the success rate of substance use treatment.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), more than 20 million people in the United States struggle with substance use. However, only about seven percent of people get the help they need from a formal treatment program. Vertava Health of Massachusetts aims to bridge that gap for people who, for one reason or another, can’t commit to an inpatient treatment program.

PHP treatment programs are designed for people whose addiction isn’t completely out of control yet, or their addiction hasn’t become a long-term issue. It’s important for families who have been touched by addiction to know that effective treatment is available no matter how severe or minor their issues with addiction may be.

Another goal of the partial hospitalization program at Vertava Health of Massachusetts is to provide clients the freedom to practice recovery skills at their own pace. Day treatment places a time buffer between the intensive inpatient phase and reintegration into the community.

After participating in weeks of immersive counseling and recreational therapies, day treatment ensures that patients are given adequate time to process their treatment experience. Some additional benefits of the partial hospitalization program at Vertava Health of Massachusetts include a full gym membership, day passes, cell phone use, family visits, 12-step meetings, and community activities such as movies, indoor rock climbing, and recovery-oriented field trips.

Vertava Health of Massachusetts offers a full-continuum of care from detox to aftercare programs to help give people the best foundation for their recovery. Call them today at (844) 906-0978 to receive a no-cost consultation from a mental health professional.


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