David Seaton Establishes Swamp Cooler Installation And Repair Company in Phoenix AZ

David Seaton, a businessman from El Mirage, AZ, with several years of experience in swamp coolers has established a new company, AZ Coolers Only, in Phoenix, AZ. The company specializes in swamp cooler services, including swamp cooler installation and repair. This is vital as many homes and companies in Arizona use swamp coolers, which are also known as evaporative coolers. They work best in places where there are hot and dry climates and are preferred over standard air conditioning units as they are less costly and typically require less maintenance.

David Seaton says, “While maintenance tends to be less than a standard air conditioner, it is still very important. To keep cool and comfortable throughout the summer months, domestic evaporative coolers should be cleaned to ensure they are fully operational when you need them most. The collection of pollen or dust can cause buildups and possible blockages. To ensure your unit is operating as it should, our team of technicians are happy to help maintain or repair your swamp cooler." The well experienced and professional swamp cooler technicians will perform various services for the client. These include: cleaning and checking for mold, sediment build-up and fungus; cleaning and checking the quality of the filter pads; cleaning and adjusting the drain system; cleaning and lubricating the water pump; cleaning and flushing the water distribution system; checking, adjusting and lubricating the fan motor and components; checking and adjusting motor current; checking water outlet system; and checking overall system operation. AZ Coolers Only's customer care department can help you schedule your service appointment today.

AZ Coolers Only also provides swamp cooler repair for various problems. One such issue is the presence of moldy evaporative cooler parts. While most people shut down their swamp coolers during winter, they usually forget to flush out the reservoir before they shut it down. When spring comes and they need to use the swamp cooler again, people often find that mold is present in various parts of the cooler. The technicians from AZ Coolers Only can help in flushing out and cleaning any remaining mold. They can also winterize the swamp cooler unit to shut it down properly and make sure that the mold problem does not happen again.

The technicians can also repair leaks in swamp cooler units that have developed cracks. If all of the water gets out of the reservoir because of the leaks, the cooler will stop working efficiently and continuing to run the cooler with a dry reservoir can damage certain parts. It is advisable to call AZ Coolers Only for repair service if the cooler is no longer releasing cold air or if there is a leak.

David Seaton with a team of experienced professionals specializing in swamp coolers founded AZ Coolers Only to help companies and homeowners in Arizona install, maintain and/or repair their swamp coolers. Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by AZ Coolers Only can check out their website at AZCoolersonly.com, or call any time between 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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