Daughter Thanks WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Orlando For Helping Her Father Find Sobriety

Orlando, FL - When WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab opened in 2014, founders Garry Jonas and Joseph Ducey recognized that national relapse rates were abysmal and treatment protocols had remained stagnant for years, so they set out to do things differently. “We began analyzing what innovations could be developed to raise the bar within our treatment facility,” said Jonas.

They discovered that simply treating patients as individuals while also providing many of the comforts of their home environments significantly increased recovery rates. They found that emphasizing patient comfort helped people open up and become more receptive to treatment.

WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Orlando

Over the eight years they’ve been in operation, WhiteSands has received hundreds of enthusiastic and heartfelt five-star reviews on Google, a testament to the fact that the team is living up to its goals. In one recent review, Jot, the daughter of a WhiteSands patient, celebrated her father's three-month sober anniversary after completing addiction treatment WhiteSands in Orlando.

He has been doing excellent and has maintained his sobriety for over three months,” she said.

WhiteSands provides strong ongoing support for people transitioning back to life after inpatient rehab. This can be a vulnerable time for people in recovery as they begin to test out the lessons and skills they learned in treatment. WhiteSands takes great care to ensure that this is a gradual process with plenty of guardrails in place. Patients have a clear outpatient treatment plan in place before being discharged from residential care. WhiteSands operates fourteen outpatient treatment centers across the state of Florida so that most people can access ongoing treatment close to home.

WhiteSands also offers sober living homes for clients who wish to reside in a structured environment during outpatient treatment. Sober homes provide a nurturing setting that fosters recovery and helps to reinforce positive behaviors. For many, sober living is an ideal step down from inpatient residential treatment as it continues many of the protections that were in place in inpatient rehab. Sober homes have set rules and expectations that residents must abide by allowing them to begin to take on some responsibilities of daily living. They also guarantee an alcohol and drug-free environment for residents and provide a sense of community among individuals going through similar experiences.

“The staff is extremely helpful and the living environment is great. I highly recommend WhiteSands’ outpatient and their sober living house,” Jot said.

Outpatient rehab, sober living, and aftercare programs at WhiteSands are designed to continue reinforcing the tools and skills people learned during inpatient rehab. These include healthy trigger management skills, coping mechanisms, and relapse prevention techniques. By honing these skills, patients at WhiteSands achieve a high success rate in long-term sobriety. With structure and guidance in place, patients can live with purpose while knowing exactly where to turn in times of stress, temptation, and uncertainty.

“We support patients by helping them create healthy habits, which can become a new part of their daily routine. We also help them avoid falling into the pitfall of other harmful addictive behaviors," said Jonas.

The continuity of care offered through WhiteSands encourages patients to stay on the sober path and provides tools and resources needed to accomplish this. Their unique Life Skills Program is centered around creating and maintaining a healthy and balanced routine in daily life. Teaching clients how to keep a healthy routine has proven to reduce relapse rates by creating a stable foundation from which people can more successfully navigate difficult situations that may jeopardize their sobriety.

“I want to thank Ozzy and Gina for the extended care and constantly checking in with my family. My dad enjoys seeing you each week, as do I,” said Jot.

In addition to the hundreds of positive reviews from former patients like Jot’s father, Newsweek magazine also rated WhiteSands the number one addiction treatment center in Florida in 2020 and 2021.

Anyone in need of help with substance abuse and addiction can speak to a treatment specialist anytime, day or night by calling (877) 640-7820. They can answer any questions and provide guidance on the next steps. Visit www.whitesandstreatment.com to learn more.


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