Dating Site Helps Positive Singles Meet, a dating site aimed at those with Herpes and other chronic STDs, would like to reach out to those who are looking to find other positive individuals. The site provides a safe space for those with STDs to meet, talk, date and share their experiences. serves as both a dating site and a sort of support network for those living with conditions like Herpes. Many have found stigma and uncomfortable encounters on other platforms and in their daily lives, and provides a place where they need not worry about such things.

“Your search for a meaningful relationship while living with an STD has never been easier with our groundbreaking overhaul of the you know and trust,” the dating site says. “MP helps positive singles avoid the embarrassment and possible rejection by telling a potential mate about their condition. Our members join because they want to find and date others who have experienced the same struggles. Our algorithm matches people who are living with the same condition(s), by distance and by their personal saved criteria. Registered members enjoy searching profiles of positive singles who also want to date, share their stories and learn more about their conditions on discussion forums.” understands how difficult dating can be for those living with STDs so the site strives to make it as easy and stress free as possible to meet like-minded individuals. The team behind has over 20 years of matchmaking, and they work alongside a dedicated trust and safety team. The site has successfully gotten rid of ‘bad players,’ over the course of their operation, making one of the best places for people looking for real relationships. is totally independent and caters solely to positive singles.

Sexually transmitted infections are far more common than most people think. According to the CDC, there are over 20 million new viral infections every year, with the most common being Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B, Genital Herpes, HIV, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis and Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Roughly half of these infections involve people between the ages of 15 and 24. These infections are not a death sentence, however, and it is possible to treat and manage them. exists to make it easier for every one of the 100 million people living with STDs in the United States to find love, friendship and companionship without fear of judgment or rejection on the basis of their status.

The site is interested not only in helping its users find love but also in making sure that whatever relationships their users form are enduring in nature. In pursuit of this goal, provides free advice and tips that can help build strong, long-lasting relationships. The community provides a place where members can share all of their concerns as well as contribute insight that could help others.

Members are invited to share their stories, and many have been brave enough to step forward and share their lives with the community. One member who contracted HSV2 days before their birthday says, “On the day I was supposed to be celebrating, I received a call early morning from the doctor, and he told me that what I was suffering from was not all that serious because it could be managed with proper treatment. This was the first time I heard about HSV2 (I always called it herpes and thought it was a curable infection). To get the news that I was infected, and now I carried an incurable infection was too much for me to handle. I thought of my friends, my life and my girlfriend and started getting angry at anyone I suspected might have given me the virus. I hid from people for the rest of the day.”

He later learned more about the condition and is now comfortable living with an incurable (but treatable) STD. “The doctor tried to calm me down. I was over any counseling but I agreed to go to his office the next day,” the user says. “What got me worried is that I just turned 18 and had HSV2. The next day I went to his office, and after some explanations, I calmed down and began accepting the situation as it was. It took a few other visits, and I thank the doctor for being such a helpful professional in assisting me cope with my infection. Word of advice; the infection is more in the mind than it is in your physical body. The faster you learn to accept yourself, the faster your body will learn to fight the virus.”

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