DataMasters Helps Companies Across the US Reach Target Customers

Flower Mound, Texas: DataMasters, a leading digital marketing agency that provides mailing lists and marketing services for clients across several industries, is now making it easier than ever for businesses to find their target customers.

The concept behind DataMasters is to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers in a way that benefits everyone. They do this through carefully curated mailing lists from reliable sources. All data included in these customizable lists is collected in accordance with all state and federal laws so business owners can rest easy.

Data specialists help businesses narrow down their target customer before providing lists of similar customers in their designated geographic area. This means that advertising dollars are more effective because businesses only advertise to the people already interested in their products and services. Likewise, customers benefit as they receive fewer offers that they have no interest in.

This approach allows businesses to find sales leads and potential customers much more efficiently than other advertising methods. Then, when the businesses are ready to connect with these potential customers, DataMasters can also provide effective marketing solutions to catch their attention.

Some of their more popular mailing list options include:

- Automotive Mailing Lists
- Apartment Rental Mailing Lists
- ATV/Boat/Motorcycle/RV Mailing Lists
- Business Mailing Lists
- Charity Mailing Lists
- Consumer Mailing Lists
- Insurance Mailing Lists
- Medical Mailing Lists
- Mortgage Mailing Lists
- Political Mailing Lists
- Restaurant Mailing Lists and more

The massive DataMasters database allows for the customization of a potential customer list for virtually any industry. These lists can be used as needed by the business to send out flyers, postcards, and other mailers to celebrate sales, events, and more.

“The DataMasters mailing lists are an important tool when it comes to reaching your target customer and building a solid foundation with them. Restaurants may advertise to local parents with young children when they have ‘kids eat free’ nights. Specialty mechanics can advertise to people who own the make, model, or year of car they specialize in. Local businesses can advertise to new homeowners and new renters in the area. The possibilities are endless.”

Now, more than ever, businesses are trying to find ways to cut costs. Advertising is generally an expensive cost that doesn’t always provide a good return. By narrowing down advertisements to only those individuals or families fitting a target demographic, businesses are able to stretch their advertising dollar a little further while reaping the benefits of a more effective campaign.

DataMasters allows businesses to choose from a variety of data variables. The result is a unique mailing list that delivers results. Some of the data variables business owners can choose from include:

- Geographic areas such as city, state, zip code, and more.
- Demographics such as age, gender, income, marital status, and more.
- Consumer data including vehicle purchase history, home purchase history, and more.

Other important factors that can be included are the presence of children in the home, the presence of pets in the home, the types of vehicles owned, if the customer owns or rents their residence, if they are employed full-time, part-time, self-employed, or a business owner.

The DataMasters Data Specialists guide business owners through the process of finding a target customer and creating a list that will provide results.

About DataMasters: DataMasters is a full-service data company providing a variety of companies the information they need to be able to successfully and affordably reach their target customers. In addition to providing custom lists from their expansive database, they also offer print and mailing services to allow business owners to focus on other aspects of their business. DataMasters’ custom-designed postcards and mailers are proven to get results for clients. They handle large and small projects alike. For those struggling to reach their ideal target customers, then reach out to DataMasters at (800) 897-1183 to learn more about what services they provide or visit


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