Data Recovery Services Provider Hard Drive Recovery Group Shares 3 Major User Mistakes To Look For

Data recovery services provider Hard Drive Recovery Group has published a blog post that details the 3 major mistakes that consumers make when it comes to trying to recover data from a failing or failed hard drive.

Data recovery is a major hassle that anyone who has lost critical data would be all too familiar with. The prices that professional data recovery services charge can scare off the average consumer who is looking for a quick fix or is in a hurry to recover the files. The blog post says that due to incomplete information and misplaced confidence, a lot of consumers end up paying a hefty price for attempting half-baked data recovery solutions. The company says that it regularly talks with customers who have made the same mistakes before approaching it which jeopardizes the integrity of what little data the company could have recovered if they would have come to it directly. The blog post seeks to inform its customers about the 3 most common mistakes that novices make when it comes to attempting data recovery.

The first major mistake that the article points out is that customers tend to put too much trust into the top Google search results that return when they attempt to search for a data recovery solution. The top results are usually advertisements or targeted sales funnels that are designed to make users pay for custom data recovery software. The blog post acknowledges that a lot of the software on the front page of Google is legitimate and could help with recovery. However, they are designed for specific use cases that may or may not match the problems that the customer is facing. Moreover, a lot of software is just not up to par at doing what it claims. In both cases, the customer can end up doing more harm than good and stands to permanently lose the data that they have. The blog post also explains that since the data recovery software relies on the operating system for disk access, recovering data from a physically broken drive is impossible for them.

The next point that the article brings up is that customers turn to the services of computer repair technicians to recover their data. Computer service technicians are generalists who are trained to solve a litany of issues with the computer and may not have the knowledge or infrastructure to perform professional data recovery, especially on bad hard drives. A good test to determine their readiness is to ask them about the class of their data recovery clean room. If they are not able to provide a straight answer, they are not prepared for the data recovery process. The blog post also says that a lot of computer repair shops outsource data recovery services to companies such as Hard Drive Recovery Group. This adds 10 to 25 percent to the cost of recovering the data which could have been saved if the customer would have directly contacted a professional data recovery service.

Finally, the company says that customers going the DIY route is the third most common mistake that they encounter. Youtube is filled with unscrupulous videos that make bold claims about being able to solve the customer’s hard drive problems. Hard Drive Recovery Group says that such videos are designed to make affiliate income by promoting paid software or hardware that promises too much. They create a false sense of knowledge that compels the customer to try risky methods to restore their data. The result generally is that the customer ends up damaging the data on the hard drive making it unrecoverable. The blog post reiterates that customers should be skeptical of freely available information as most of it may not be applicable to their specific problem.

Hard Drive Recovery Group provides safe, secure hard drive data recovery for Mac and PC hard disk drives, both via software and an ISO-certified clean lab hands-on data retrieval process. The company also offers a free data recovery consultation at the toll-free number 1-866-341-4374.


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