Data Recovery Services Provider Comments On The World's New Normal

Hard Drive Recovery Associates (HDRA), based in Irvine, California, recently published a new blog post: ‘What Will The New Normal Be Like?’ The company has taken the initiative to discuss this topic as the socio-economic situation worldwide has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The post begins with an acknowledgement of the world at present, stating that, “We are indeed living in some of the most interesting times. There have been some events in the history of the human race that have changed the way we live, that is true, but these happenings took years to effect drastic changes. Wars raged on for years before affecting the entire world, whole continents used to be spared from medical pandemics.”

The post briefly discusses how many events in history changed humanity before moving on to the current situation, the pandemic. It also takes note of the fact that, once lockdowns and quarantine periods end, the world will have changed drastically from what it was only a few months ago. Many will find it both scary and exciting to face how much their way of life has changed by the time the pandemic has been brought under control by global governments.

The data recovery company also acknowledges that the period the community is about to face will, “indeed be new and will be markedly different from how we used to do things in February.” The new normal, as pundits have coined the period post-COVID-19, is such a drastic event that it will undoubtedly go down in history books. The post also speculates how most may even define their lives as, “everything that happened pre-COVID and months from now, post-COVID.”

This could be a positive or negative aspect. The post acknowledges certain benefits, commenting that, “The environment’s condition has improved, we now have a deeper appreciation for personal relationships and health has become a priority.” The negatives discussed include the fact that, “freedoms we used to take for granted, such as mobility and assembly, have been curtailed.” In short, the new normal has both advantages and drawbacks. The post then goes on to comment on the current lockdown situations that may represent the biggest aftereffects of the pandemic. The main question, the company muses, is whether people are ready for this new normal.

HDRA uses this post to help make the community aware of what changes they should prepare for. When considering commerce and the nature of work, the post observes that the pandemic has not only changed the nature of business and the workplace but has also, “forced some of its facets to mature.” The pandemic has created a, “survival of the fittest scenario,” in the business world and the workplace, and what remains will not only survive but become the foundation of what will be the ‘new normal.’

The post acknowledges one major positive factor, however: the community realizing that pre-pandemic practices are now impractical. It goes on to elaborate, “After all, there’s really no need to constantly use the ATM and get cash, drive to a store to buy things and use your cash to pay for your purchases when you can have anything delivered to your house. Why waste an hour of two to commute to work when you can finish everything at home and even extend your work hours for an hour or two?” Post-pandemic habits and routines will have to be adapted to be more practical and efficient. The post then speculates that the conversation society should be having is not, “where we are going to work after the post-COVID dust settles, it should be how we are going to work.”

In the ‘new normal,’ the health care sector must receive the spotlight. HDRA observes, “At the same time, the outbreak has brought to a halt many of the most lucrative parts of the industry, such as surgeries and procedures, threatening the financial futures of hospitals and leading to pay cuts and furloughs for workers.” An already busy and critical sector is now working above and beyond capacity to address the needs of their patients. The post also addresses caring for people with long term medical conditions. The effect on travel and tourism is also discussed in detail in this post.

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