Data Recovery Service Discusses Delays And Cancellations In The Tech Industry

Irvine, CA based Hard Drive Recovery Group would like to reach out to the wider public and talk about the several delays and cancellations that have occurred among the technological community because of COVID-19. Those interested in reading the entire blog post can view it here:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is living in extremely uncertain times where almost everything has been indefinitely delayed despite efforts to maintain their lifestyles and schedules. Some plans have even been delayed indefinitely due to the pandemic’s sudden and inevitable effect on planned events and financial capabilities. These cancellations and delays have occurred because it is human nature to retreat when placed in uncertain situations.

The company also notes that it is extremely difficult to commit to anything due to the uncertainty of the situation as a whole. As such, many have developed a fear of commitment. Even if some people have the right resources and tools, their fear of commitment and the urge to let things fall where they may are stronger. This fear is not just present in the lives of individuals. It can also be seen in companies throughout the world of technology. Tech companies have been inconsistent in participating in major events, and they have been delaying several product launches. Some companies have even had to shut down so that they can cut their losses earlier instead of dying a slower and more painful death. Hard Drive Recovery Group has made a list of some items that have been delayed or cancelled.

The Japanese tech company Toshiba has announced that they will no longer produce laptops — after more than three decades of producing such products and being one of the most trusted and most prestigious names when it came to laptops. Toshiba was well known for pushing out laptops that were very sturdy and resistant against all sorts of malfunctions. However, over the years, many other companies have entered the laptop industry. These companies produced and introduced laptops that were more affordable and accessible. This took a toll on Toshiba’s once solid grasp on the laptop market and, now, they will no longer even be a part of the field.

Meanwhile, Google is known for their dominance in a wide range of services and industries such as search engines, the Android operating system and app marketing. However, Google is not without its weaknesses. One such weakness of the company can be found in the music service industry. The service they introduced known as Google Play Music was not able to attract customers in the same way that other platforms (such as iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify) have been able to. Now, Google has chosen to shut Google Play Music down for good.

According to an article by Ars Technica, “Google Play Music has been given the death sentence by Google, and today the company has announced a bit more detail about how its execution will be carried out. The main message from today’s blog post is “back up your music now,” as Google says it will wipe out all Google Music collections in December 2020.”

Microsoft is one of the major players in the video game industry. This is still the case even today where the pandemic has caused many to seek refuge in online worlds and communities. One of the most popular forms of escapist entertainment that people turn to is video games. This is why many were surprised when Microsoft announced that they will be postponing the release of Halo Infinite, the latest entry into one of their most popular video game franchises. Halo Infinite would also have been the biggest launch title for the upcoming Xbox Series X console. Its postponement may have led many to think twice about purchasing an Xbox Series X console on launch day.

Furthermore, people have shifted from going to theaters to watching movies and shows online. As such, it may have not come as a surprise when even the giant entertainment company Disney elected to push back the release date of their films. The much anticipated Star Wars and Avatar films that were planned for release between 2021 and 2027 have all been delayed for a year. There will be no Avatar sequel in 2021 and no new Star Wars movie in 2022.

Fortunately for those who need assistance with data recovery, Hard Drive Recovery Group continues to offer their services and remain accessible to the general public. They urge their community to get in touch at once if they suffer data loss. More information can be found on their website.


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