Dank Cannabis Dispensary Soon to Provide Delivery In Ogden

Dank Cannabis, a dispensary in Ogden, Calgary, is excited to announce that they expect to offer customers the ability to place orders online in the near future. The dispensary looks forward to supplying customers with high quality cannabis throughout the southeast section of the city once a suggested amendment in bill 80, the Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act, passes.

The amendment would allow any private companies, including dispensaries with physical stores to sell their products online as well. Dank Cannabis hopes this change will allow them to reach a larger number of their customers more easily and make it easier for people who may not otherwise be able to purchase cannabis products at their physical location. The dispensary is taking measures to ensure that customer convenience and accessibility will be a high priority once their new delivery service launches.

Dank Cannabis Dispensary Logo

A number of other provinces, like Ontario and Manitoba, already have laws and measures in place to protect minors while also making it possible for adults to purchase cannabis online. These provinces’ success with online cannabis sale and purchase proves that it is possible to have cannabis available online for purchase while also protecting both youth and adult consumers. The change would also boost private sector investment and create jobs in the province, according to Kandice Machado, the President and CEO of the AGLC.

Dank Cannabis is the number one source of high quality cannabis in Calgary. The dispensary is trusted by Calgary residents to provide, in addition to high quality cannabis, a great retail experience and expert help in picking out exactly the product they need. At Dank Cannabis, they believe that they represent more than just a place to purchase cannabis. They represent a lifestyle of excellence and quality, and they are committed to sharing this lifestyle with the Calgary community — and helping those who are passionate about cannabis to come together.

“Running low on your favorite strains, edibles, concentrates, vape oils and topicals? We've got you covered,” says a spokesperson for the dispensary. “Dank is committed to providing Calgary cannabis customers with the ultimate convenience, best prices and high-quality service and products. Whether you want to browse our large selection of cannabis products in-store or you prefer the convenience of ordering ahead online for pickup, Dank is here for you. Stop by our Ogden/Lynnwood or Dover, Calgary cannabis store locations to scope out the latest dank products. Our danktenders are here to answer all of your cannabis-related questions. Order online from our live menu for same-day pick-up without having to wait in line at our Calgary cannabis stores. Chat online with our knowledgeable danktenders.”

They commented further, "Our Ogden dispensary will provide weed delivery in Riverbend, Quarry Park, Fairview, Kingsland, Acadia, Douglas Glen and Southeast Calgary and the South Foothills areas of Calgary, among others."

The dispensary started as a family business, with the express goal of providing customers with the very best cannabis products. Today, many consider them to be the top, one-stop dispensary in the area, as can be seen from the numerous 5-Star reviews left by happy customers. For instance, C. Cutler says in their review on Google, “I had a phenomenal experience today with Ryan and Abby, who are extremely knowledgeable Budtenders at Dank Cannabis (Ogden). They made my entire in store experience so easy, and were very focused in helping me find the right products based on my individual preferences! This location has a very large and robust menu, I’d say that you’d be hard pressed to walk out of the store without something! Very competitive prices and an incredible in-store aesthetic that makes you want to hang out and learn from the staff.”

Another customer, S. Melnick, shares, “Honestly, some of the best customer service I've ever received, the staff are so friendly and knowledgeable, the buds look fantastic, prices are some of the best I've seen, and the shop itself is consistently well maintained. If it was possible, I'd give them a 10-Star rating! Can't wait to go back as this shop has quickly become my favorite.”

For more information, visit Dank Cannabis’ website. Ogden residents will soon be able to place orders there, and the Dank Cannabis family is very excited to offer this convenience to their community.


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