Dank Cannabis Dispensary Opens Location In Parkdale, Calgary

Dank Cannabis Dispensary is announcing the opening of their brand new location in Parkdale, near the University of Calgary, where they will be selling their top quality cannabis products with impeccable customer service. Those interested in shopping at this new dispensary can go in person to browse their selection of products and get assistance from experienced, knowledgeable Danktenders on the best products for them. Customers can also go to their website to view their selection of weed products and accessories, and even place an online order. Dank Cannabis Dispensary offers a unique cannabis shopping experience that’s designed to keep their customers happy and comfortable, and they have received very positive feedback since opening their original location in Ogden, and later expanding to Dover.

One recent review of Dank Cannabis Dispensary’s Dover location on Google Maps reads “Amazing shop, great selection and prices. The staff are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable about the products. They are always ready with great recommendations. Definitely the dankest shop in town!” Both the Ogden and Dover locations are highly rated on Google Maps, with reviewers citing the knowledge and friendliness of the staff frequently as a reason they were happy with their experience at the dispensary. Their Calgary dispensary in Parkdale will feature the same quality products and friendly, helpful staff that customers love about their first two locations, so customers of the new location can expect to have similarly good experiences with their cannabis shopping.

Dank Cannabis Dispensary also recently started offering cannabis delivery, both same day local delivery and provincial delivery by Canada Post, after a recent law change in Alberta allowing licensed dispensaries to sell weed for delivery on their own websites. Previously, the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis board, which regulates gambling, as well as alcohol and cannabis sales in the province, was responsible for running the province’s only online cannabis store to offer delivery to Alberta residents. This store was shut down as part of a recent campaign by the provincial government to cut down government responsibilities to the things governments do best, and encourage job creation by private companies. Since this change was announced, Dank Cannabis Dispensary and other regional dispensaries regulated by the AGLC have been revamping their online ordering websites and building up fleets of delivery drivers in anticipation of the update.

Cannabis was legalized in Canada in October of 2018. Under the federal regulations, adults can legally possess up to 30 grams of legally produced cannabis, and grow up to four of their own plants per household. Federally, the minimum age to purchase and use cannabis is 18 years of age, but the federal government gave provinces the power to raise that limit as they see fit. While the federal government still oversees the production of cannabis products, as well as laws around advertisement and packaging, provinces are responsible for managing distribution and sale, so different provinces in Canada have adopted different processes and laws for how people can purchase cannabis. Alberta has prioritized policies that keep cannabis out of the hands of children, while protecting public health, promoting workplace and driver safety, and limiting the illegal market for unregulated cannabis, so Alberta residents can trust that the cannabis products they are buying from licensed and regulated stores is safe per government standards.

Dank Cannabis Dispensary, as a licensed cannabis retailer in the province of Alberta, offers a wide range of premium quality cannabis products, accessories, and gear, so they can be sure they have something for everyone. Their products include flower in a variety of cannabis strains, as well as pre-rolled joints for customers who want an easy smoke on the go. The dispensary also sells vape cartridges and other concentrates, and a selection of edibles and drinks for people who prefer to consume their cannabis by means other than inhalation. There are products designed for topical application, and the store has a selection of cannabis plant seeds available for those customers who are interested in trying to grow their own cannabis.


For more information about Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Parkdale, Calgary AB, contact the company here:

Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Parkdale, Calgary AB
Summer Meyers
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3412 3 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0M2, Canada