Damage Restoration Company Offering Sewage Cleanup & Disinfectant Services

A local water damage restoration company in the Colorado Springs area is now offering sewage cleanup and disinfectant services to residential properties throughout the area.

Sewage backups should be considered an emergency because the tainted water could contain bacteria, viruses and other microbes that can cause serious health concerns. In addition, blocked pipes can cause further destruction of a property if left untreated. Hot Shot Water Damage Repair offers 24/7 emergency assistance to Colorado Springs homes for all of their services including sewage cleanup.

Colorado Springs sewage backup cleanup

This type of problem is not typically resolved by an individual or the property owner,” the manager said. “It’s a job for a professional so that it’s taken care of correctly and safely. Our team of pros will attend to the mess, take necessary steps to prevent mold growth, eliminate the odor and disinfect and sanitize the damaged area.

There are many causes for sewage backups to occur including soil settlement, collapsed pipe, buildup of grease, root infiltration, joints that are misaligned and even items being flushed down a drain. Regardless of the cause, an expert can handle it and restore the area afterwards.

It’s not hard to determine if sewage is in the water but a professional can help determine this for properties that are not sure exactly what type of service they need.

We can still help if your sewage backup is due to sump pump failure or even weather conditions. Depending on the area, the damage isn’t always noticeable and our team will be sure to address the entire area when we arrive. Otherwise, mold could begin growing very quickly if left for any amount of time. Mold is not something you want to endure ad we take your health and safety seriously,” the manager added.

Hot Shot Water Damage Repair has a team of experts that are IICRC certified with years of experience so residents can gain peace of mind knowing they are working with a professional, experienced and local team of sewage backup experts.

In addition, they also help with filing the insurance claim if necessary. This takes a load of stress off of the homeowner because nobody wants added stress when dealing with a serious situation involving sewage.

Our goal is to provide exceptional services, at the highest of quality standards, and leave your property looking as it did prior to your sewage backup situation,” the manager said. “Our team will arrive quickly after you contact us and we really do encourage you to call us at any time, day or night. You don’t want to delay action against something like a sewage backup due to the harmful nature of the bacteria that the water can be contaminated with.

To learn more about the services offered by Hot Shot Water Damage Repair in Colorado Springs, residents can contact them by phone or visit them online. In addition to sewage cleanup they also provide water, fire and storm damage cleanup and repair, mold removal, flood cleanup and more.


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