Dallas Winter Storms Begin To Recede But Leave Issues In Their Wake

The snow in Dallas brought by the winter storms is thawing, but the problems that the storms brought continue to affect the city.

According to an article published by the Dallas Morning News on February 20, the snow and ice in North Texas has begun melting. This allowed residents to go out and try to secure supplies after the area’s food system was greatly impeded by ice and lack of power. Employees did their best to restock shelves with items in demand as numerous shoppers went to grocery distribution sites to make their necessary purchases. More supplies were available compared to previous days, but they were still not back to normal. It will take days and even weeks before supply normalcy is achieved, according to store officials.

During these times, some areas (such as West Dallas’ Ledbetter Eagle Ford neighborhood) still face irregular electricity and a lack of water. The melting of the ice unfortunately did not solve these problems. In fact, the thawing made them even worse. Freezing pipes ended up bursting under the stress, which left many citizens without water they could use.

Electricity issues also remain prevalent. According to another article published by the Dallas Morning News on February 19th, customers of the Texas power supplier Griddy reported that they were being charged exorbitant prices for electricity. Griddy, along with other power suppliers, charge their customers based on the spot prices of electricity. This wholesale-rate based method of charging customers can help customers save money when spot prices for electricity are low, such as during periods when weather is pleasant. However, when there is a lack of electricity in the wholesale market, prices can be extremely high. At one point, the prices per megawatt-hour reached almost $9,000.

Information related to the winter storms and their effects are very relevant to people in the Dallas area, and media publications throughout the region are still hard at work sharing the latest news and updates. Recently, Ward Maedgen, a local Dallas personal injury and accident firm, even posted about this event on their website.

The post notes that the unusual weather led to many people feeling stranded in their own homes and communities as they went several days without vital utilities. As the ice melted and people ventured out seeking food and fuel, new issues began to reveal themselves, with people being met with surprisingly high power bills and damage to their homes. Griddy faced additional backlash for their response to the surge in electrical prices as well after the provider informed their nearly 30,000 strong customer base that they should shift out of their network and find new suppliers, which is much easier said than done given the shortages that plagued the entire area and the immediate nature of their customers’ power requirements (which would likely mean a shift would take too long).

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