Dallas Texas Swimming Pool Removal Company Not Letting the Summer Heat Slow Them Down

The veteran crews at Dallas Texas swimming pool removal company, Remove A Pool, are not letting the summertime heat slow them down. The company says that in fact quite the opposite is true. They are now doing more work than at any other time this year after the ongoing pandemic slowed down the start of the pool removal season. The company has even put extra personnel and resources in place to handle the busy pool removal workload in Dallas at this hottest time of the year. This has enabled them not only to keep their crews fresh during the peak sunlight hours of the day but it also helps their crews be more productive throughout the entire project.

Company spokesperson, S. Gordon, had this to say, “No one ever minds looking out a back window and seeing many happy kids and adults frolicking around in their swimming pool. But if that same view now only shows an unused and unwanted pool, maybe it’s time to do something about that and we are here to help. We are the Dallas area’s and the nation’s foremost swimming pool removal experts. Our crews can expertly remove your swimming pool in a manner that when it’s done, you will hardly know a pool was once in your back yard. It will open up a whole new world of possibilities for the space in your backyard that you have just reclaimed by having your unwanted Dallas swimming pool removed. The summer heat is not slowing us down at all and it’s still a great time to call to have pool removal work done for you.”

Gordon acknowledged that the working conditions in Dallas are becoming a little tougher now that the weather is getting hotter. He says that has not dampened the company’s pool removal crews’ spirits any. They hit the ground running after being in their residences for several months after the stay at home orders were issued when the coronavirus pandemic first hit. The company spokesperson added that he has never seen more eagerness and resolve in their crews than now even after they spend a long day of work out in the Texas sun. He says the fact that the number of swimming pools they have removed in May and June so far is above last year's pace indicates how good the attitude of their seasoned pool removal crews has been.

The company spokesperson also wanted to remind those in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas that it’s not too late in the year to get some benefits by having their swimming pools removed. He says that removing a pool in the summer still leaves plenty of time to grow grass and other vegetation where their swimming pool once was before the dormant season hits. Once a pool has been removed, it also creates opportunities to do such things as add backyard recreational space or put in that new outdoor kitchen and entertainment area that someone has always wanted. Gordon also mentioned that the little bit of extra backyard area that a homeowner has to mow once a week after removing their pool is often a welcome tradeoff for the time-consuming daily grind that doing pool maintenance once was for them.

According to Gordon, swimming pool removal is also something that a homeowner never wants to try and do themselves. He says that’s because any inground swimming pool is much more than the water holding shell that it appears to be. The support system alone for any pool consists of solid concrete footers that are poured over thick metal rebar. The company spokesperson says that it takes the special know-how and heavy equipment that they have to do the job the right way and even more important to do it safely.

Gordon says that their company has over 25-years of experience at removing swimming pools in the Dallas area. He says that owners of unwanted pools who are interested in the services that Remove A Pool of Dallas Fort Worth offers, can get in touch with them by phone, email, or website contact form. The company also offers expert pool removal services in such states as Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, California, Arizona, Nevada, and more.


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