Dallas Medical Spa Posts Blog Stating Concerns that Local 911 Call Centers are Overwhelmed and Understaffed

Community bloggers in Dallas have been posting about the city’s 911 Call Centers being understaffed and not responding quickly enough to emergency calls. Part of this blog, for example, features excerpts from a news piece on the same subject that online publisher ‘D Magazine’ released last October 8th titled ‘Dallas’ 911 Call Center is Again Flirting with Crisis’. As more businesses in the city join forces in their concern about Dallas area 911 Call Center shortcomings, it’s hoped that a quick resolution to the problem can found. Those who want to read this newly posted article can do so in the blog section of Advanced Skin Fitness Medical Spa & CoolSculpting Center’s website.

In the above-mentioned blog post, it started by saying that some of the staffing problems can be blamed on the ongoing pandemic but not all of it. The emergency call centers in the Dallas area have a stated goal of answering 90% of all 911 emergency calls within 10 seconds. Because of understaffing this goal is currently not even close to being met. Even CBS Dallas/Ft. Worth weighed in on the subject in November stating that only 69 of a needed 99 workers were staffing the emergency call centers and uniform police officers were being pulled off the streets to help bridge the gaps. Something that has the potential to create shortcomings in other areas the Dallas Police force is tasked with. As many as 7 uniformed police officers have been working shifts. This Advanced Skin Fitness Medical Spa & CoolSculpting Center blog post finished by saying that the requirements to become a 911 Call Center agent are not that stringent, so it should not be difficult if the city acts on this matter to quickly overcome the personnel shortfall. Once these new agents' 911 Call Center training is completed the Dallas emergency call centers should have no problems meeting their maximum efficiency requirements.

The medical spa’s representative, James, says, “We believe that all businesses both big and small in Dallas should be an active part of their community. That’s why we do such things as post blogs that have to do with current happenings in the city. This one about the city’s 911 emergency call center being understaffed and therefore not responding to emergency calls quick enough is one that greatly concerns us. That’s because we are not only a Dallas-based medspa, but we are also staffed by people who live and work in the areas that the Dallas 911 Call Centers serve. We believe that if enough businesses bring attention to some of the problems that the city’s 911 Call Centers are facing, those in charge will be more compelled to act to do something about our concerns.”

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