Dallas Exterminator & Pest Control to Provide Professional Pest Treatments

Dallas Exterminator & Pest Control just opened their doors on Tuesday last week and they have already helped thousands of homeowners and business owners with various pest infestations. The company provides professional services for both residential and commercial properties. Their team of exterminators are professionally trained on how to effectively treat any pest in Dallas County.

The company has three main services that they offer: custom pest treatments, routine property checkups, and emergency responses. Their custom pest treatments are highly rated because they are more effective than any treatment that other local pest control businesses have to offer. Each treatment is specifically designed by a pest exterminator veteran to treat each individual species of pest. No two treatments are alike and the company doesn’t believe in “one size fits all methods.

The president of the company says, “Each treatment is custom designed because that allows us to take care of each infestation in the most effective, efficient, and cost effective way possible.” Their routine checkups are great because they keep infestations from ever happening in the first place. During these scheduled services, an exterminator will evaluate the target property and take all of the preventative measures to make sure the pests can’t invade the property in the future. Finally, their emergency response services are useful for when people are met with a dangerous scenario. This might include coming in contact with a wild or distressed animal as well as hornets or wasps. Their exterminators respond promptly and will make sure the situation is handled in the safest way possible.

The company has noticed a recent rise in pest infestations and this is the reason they decided to start offering pest control solutions to the community. The president of the company recently said, “Pests are very tough creatures. Most of them in this area have adapted to everyday pest control treatments like do it yourself methods and over the counter products. Most pests are now immune to pest sprays and pest traps. The reason for this is because these methods only get rid of the pests that are seen and don’t treat the entire nest that the pests are coming from. This is causing the pests to spread out of control which is resulting in more pest infestations. We noticed this so we decided to start a company that would provide quality pest control at an affordable price to as many people as possible.

If anyone should have a pest infestation in their home or business, they shouldn’t hesitate to call a professional. They should give Dallas Exterminator & Pest Control a try. Local residents can contact them by phone or go to their website at http://bestdallasexterminator.com/. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays.

An employee of the company recently said in an interview, “If you suspect a pest infestation do not wait to call a professional for help. Pests spread extremely quickly and usually if you see one there are more hidden nearby. If you call us, we would be glad to help you answer any questions you might have.


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