Da House LLC Announces We Buy Houses in Maui Hawaii

Da House LLC is pleased to announce that the company is now ready to buy houses in Maui, Hawaii, and will make it as easy as possible for sellers to sell quickly. Selling a house and selling it quickly is almost a contradiction in terms if a seller chooses to go down the traditional realtor route and this is where Da House LLC intends to change the way things are done.

Selling through a realtor is never fast, rarely simple, and can cost a lot of money. It is also extremely time consuming as there are always complex documents to be signed and it seems to take a long time before a seller gets to see any of the money.

The problem of selling quickly becomes even more difficult for sellers if a realtor tells them that the property will never sell unless work is done on the house first. Sometimes the work may be very simple and not cost too much but often the work a realtor wants done is costly. Even if a seller was in a position to get the work done the timeline for selling gets even longer.

Da House LLC does not work in the same way as traditional realty companies and because of that it can really speed things up. Once a seller contacts the company a cash offer is guaranteed to be made within 24 business hours. Of course, the seller is under no obligation to accept the offer, but should it be accepted the selling process can move forward and move forward quickly. Closing the deal can take place in as little as three days.

Deals that fast just do not happen with a realtor and unlike a realtor there are no real estate commission fees, no appraisal fees, no application fees, or any other fees. No remedial work will need to be carried out prior to selling and there will be no inspection required either. Da House Will buy any applicable property that is in a state of disrepair and even properties that need major structural work.

Da House may even be able to help sellers who would have little chance of selling because there are major problems. A property may be under threat of foreclosure or there may be bankruptcy complications. There may be outstanding liens or title issues with the house. Da House can often help sellers that have problems like these whereas a realtor probably would not want to know.

Da House LLC is professional cash house buyer in Hawaii. The company specializes in helping homeowners to sell a home that is no longer wanted or needed. The company offers cash for a Maui home in an "As-Is" condition and can even help sort out legal entanglements.

Jaqueline Stayman, one of Da House LLC’s customers had this to say, “I had a house in Maui left to me by an aunt which I wanted to sell. It was in desperate need of modernization and there was a structural issue as well. My usual realtor told me I would need to get at least some of the work done before it went on the market, but I just could not afford that sort of money. I was getting desperate and the whole business started to feel like a nightmare. I found Da House online and I gave them a call. I couldn’t believe I had a fair cash offer the very next day.”

Consisting of local investors, the company has over ten years of experience as professional cash buyers. As Da House LLC uses readily available funds and no outside parties it can make a fair cash offer in the shortest timeframe possible. By expanding and becoming Maui home buyers the company aims to simplify the process of selling a home for Maui sellers too.

Sellers wishing to find out more about how Da House LLC works and how it can help sell a house fast should visit the company’s website. There, visitors will find details of how to contact the company and how to get a cash offer.


For more information about DA HOUSE LLC, contact the company here:

(808) 400-5050
Maui, HI