Cycling to Dun Aonghasa on the Aran Islands Now Done on Ebikes

Aran Bike Hire, a bike rental services company in Inis Mor Island, Co. Galway, Ireland, wants to point out that ebikes are the new way to cycle up to Dun Aonghasa on Inis Mor, Ireland. After the pandemic, they have observed an increase of American tourists in the area and many have been renting ebikes for self guided tours of Inis Mor instead of the regular bikes. Dun Aengus, or Dún Aonghasa as gaeilge, is the largest of the prehistoric forts of the three rocky isles guarding the mouth of Galway Bay, and is located on the Southern or the cliff side of Inis Mór. This ancient fort is believed to have been built more than 3,000 years ago and it has been used by contemporaries as a defensive structure and also as a site for rituals and ceremonies.

The Dun Aonghasa fort is made up of three large drystone defence walls that are surrounded by an outer chevaux-de-frise that is present from cliff to cliff. The fort is located 300 feet above sea level and provides a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean, including breathtaking views of the entire length of Inis Mor island.

dun aonghasa

Cycling is the most popular method of exploring the Inis Mor island and most tourists prefer to ride a bike when visiting Dun Aonghasa. This prehistoric stone fort is located 6.5km or 4 miles away from Kilronan Village. Tourists will usually ride a bike for the first leg of the journey to the Dun Aonghasa Visitor Centre, which is approximately one km away from the fort itself. Tourists are now realizing that renting an ebike makes the journey easier and more tourists are asking for ebikes. Visitors will then continue their journey on foot as the approach the fort over rising ground.

The ground underfoot while approaching the fort is mostly loose stone and large rock and the last leg of the path is over rough, natural rock. Thus, it is advisable for visitors to be careful, particularly when they are descending. Tourists are advised to wear strong walking shoes or hiking boots when visiting Dun Aonghasa.

Aside from Dun Aonghasa, another popular tourist attraction in Inis Mor Island is The Worm Hole or Poll na bPéist. Tourists can also ride a bike to this natural rectangular pool that is located by the Western Cliffs of Inis Mor. This rock pool is 1.6 km east of Dun Aonghasa and is connected to the sea via a series of underground channels, which cause The Worm Hole to fill up or empty depending on the ocean’s tides. It is approximately 50 feet wide and 150 feet deep and its popularity has further grown after it was chosen as a regular host of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

The Worm Hole is located 5 km away from Kilronan Village and riding a bike to this natural pool takes about 35 to 50 minutes each way. Tourists usually cycle the first part of the journey to Gort na gCapall, and then walk to the pool itself, which is about 15 minutes away by foot. The second leg of the journey that is done on foot involves walking across large areas of loose rock, exposed stone, and rock pools, so wearing the proper footwear is advised.

Founded in 1969, Aran Bike Hire is a family-run business that offers bike rental services to people of all ages. They frequently cater to tourists who want to visit Dun Aonghasa, which is just 30 minutes of 4 miles away from their location. This means that this tourist site is within easy reach from the bike rental location and cycling offers a unique way to experience the island life at the individual’s own pace.

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