CWDSC Takes New Client: Insurance Covered Baby Formula

Chicago IL, based CWDSC is pleased to report that they have recently begun working with Insurance Covered Baby Formula (ICBF). CWDSC, in their capacity as a digital marketing and SEO expert, will help Insurance Covered Baby Formula reach out to a wider audience in order to help new mothers get the aid that they require. Learn more here:

Jack Lombardi of Chicago Website Design SEO Company observes that, “There has long been a debate among parents whether formula has any nutritional differences when compared to breast milk. Along with many experts in the field, ICBF and we agree that the best option for a baby is one that keeps them healthy and fed. Formula certainly achieves this — especially when it’s a specialty formula that is designed to serve a specific need, so Chicago Website Design SEO Company is extremely proud to announce that we will now be helping Insurance Covered Baby Formula fulfill their mission to bring mothers the relief they need and keep their babies’ bottles full.”

In particular, Insurance Covered Baby Formula helps mothers discover if they can get specialty formula for their children via insurance. The organization offers three types of formula: Hypoallergenic Formulas, Metabolic Formulas and Premature Infant Formulas. Respectively, these formulas are designed for babies that have to endure milk and food allergies, who have a metabolic disorder that prevents them from breaking down food properly (digestion issues) and those who require additional nutrients and calories due to the fact they were born prematurely.

Concerned parents need only visit the Insurance Covered Baby Formula website and check its homepage or ‘Am I Covered?’ page to check whether their insurance provider offers coverage for specialty baby formula. Since the organization is aware of how stressful such a search can be, especially for new parents, this part of this process has been simplified to two simple questions: namely, where the parents in question (and their baby) live and which insurance provider they use. A drop-down menu for each field also helps eliminate any confusion; selecting the correct location, for instance, will only give parents a list of providers who are active in that area to choose from.

Once these fields have been entered, the results that appear are helpfully categorized themselves by the three formula types offered by ICBF (hypoallergenic, metabolic and premature infant). Each result displays the brand name along with a picture of the product in question (so parents will have no trouble identifying it in stores), and the description of each product offers some insight into its function as well as the nutrients it contains. Notably, parents will be pleased to discover that more comprehensive information is only a click away, tucked in beneath each result.

As Insurance Covered Baby Formula states in a recent Facebook post, “If your baby is having episodes of digestive issues such as vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, or if you fear your baby might have colic, it may not just be babies being babies. Instead, what your baby could be trying to tell you is that they have an allergy to cows’ milk.⁠”

The post continues, “These can be trying times for parents as they try to deal with a baby who won’t stop crying, and trying to pinpoint what the problem is can be exhausting.⁠ One way to determine if your baby is having a reaction to an allergy to milk protein which can be in formula or breastmilk is to try a hypoallergenic baby formula. Switching to a hypoallergenic formula can help your baby get the nutrients they need without the pain of gas, constipation or other digestive issues.⁠ If you think your baby may need specialty formula, you could get it covered through insurance. Head to our website to find out more.”

Insurance Covered Baby Formula is always pleased to offer their assistance to parents who wish to learn whether their specialty formula is covered by their insurance provider. Similarly, Jack Lombardi and the rest of the team at CWDSC welcome any inquiries regarding their new partnership with ICBF. Both Chicago Website Design SEO Company and Insurance Covered Baby Formula can also be reached via their respective social media platforms.


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