CWDSC Founder Jack Lombardi Reviews WPX Hosting

Chicago, IL based CWDSC has reviewed WPX Hosting, a WordPress website hosting service. Offering a simple interface, fast and responsive page load speeds and an experienced support team that is available around the clock, WPX Hosting offers numerous advantages that any business would do well to take advantage of.

As many will find out when they start searching, it is relatively easy to find a plethora of managed WordPress hosting providers online. A quick search will turn up several options, but it is recommended that interested parties take the time to investigate each before making any commitments. For instance, a provider should be able to offer a stable, secure and speedy service (among other amenities), and pricing may not always reflect quality. Further, CWDSC advises their community against relying on the top search result alone. Such results are simply the search engine algorithm’s best guess as to what would be most relevant to the user, and they should not be taken as recommendations either from a professional reviewer or the community at large.

Chicago Website Design SEO Company states in a recent article on WPX Hosting, “The most important features to look out for include the loading speeds, flexible UI, uptime guarantee, and good customer support. There are many other acceptable features that need to be offered by a hosting service provider. This is where WPX Hosting comes in. WPX Hosting is a professionally managed WordPress hosting service with all the important features and more to make sure that your site is running as it should.”

A website that loads quickly is a vital part of ensuring that potential customers enjoy visiting long enough to seriously consider making a purchase (or engaging with the business in some other desirable manner), but it is not the only consideration business should take into account. CWDSC’s article mentions that businesses may wish to consider whether a candidate offers free CDN, great customer support, free SSL and free and smooth migration — all of which is indeed offered at WPX Hosting. Further, given that the service has multiple payment tiers and plans, a business can easily select an option that meets their needs without having to stretch their budget.

WPX Hosting’s CEO Terry Kyle has been in the industry since the late 1990s, and he and his team have experienced numerous pitfalls with other hosting services. As such, they have made it their mission to change this dynamic for their own clients, and they are committed to offering a fast, reliable and simple service — backed by their support team’s unflagging availability. Businesses may also wish to take note of the ‘free and smooth migration’ mentioned in CWDSC’s article; this means WPX Hosting will move a client’s websites to their servers within 24 hours for free. Getting on board with WPX Hosting is a straightforward process, as many have already discovered.

A Trustpilot review says, “I've been with WPX for about 1 year now, and their customer service is literally the best I've experienced with hosting companies (I used 3 other large companies prior to WPX). Chat support is instant, and they always go above and beyond to help. Would recommend 100%!”

The service has an overwhelmingly positive rating on this platform (and several others). Another review here says, “The folks over at WPX Hosting are top notch! Every single time I have contacted their support team, they have always been incredibly professional, knowledgeable and very, very helpful! This last time I needed help with managing my DNS (which I know nothing about) And Nikola from their support team guided me and helped me to get what I needed to get done. I highly recommend them over any other hosting company!”

Chicago Website Design SEO Company advises interested parties to get in touch with Jack Lombardi or another member of the CWDSC team if they have any further questions. More details regarding the services offered by WPX Hosting and CWDSC are available on their respective websites.


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